April 5th, 2005

hair poster

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hiya ;)

not dreaded anymore but... i guess kind of relevant, because i am doing "HAIR" right now and if it relates anywhere... ;) anyhow. i am on the poster. so. photoshopped nudity of an ex dreadie behind the cut. and if you are on the island, drop on in this weekend and spread the groovy revolution.

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I went to a club last night called Marquee. I'm not a club type of person, but I went along with my friend because he was performing (he's a juggler) and he could get me in free, and also there was an open bar. While there I met an amazing girl with awesome dreads, and lordy was she pretty. I gave her my number, hoping to seem not so skeezy and hoping she'd call, and lordy do I hope she will.

So hot! I love meeting new hot dreadheads!
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Hello friends :D

Since it’s my babies’ first birthday this Sunday (and I turn the big two-oh!) I’m thinking it’s about time I got around to posting my own photos.

Here are my favourite knotty moments and here's to many more to come! :D

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