April 6th, 2005

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so my friend put dreads in my hair on sunday. she used beeswax and gel, and i've been palmrolling like mad since. washed my dreadies for the first time today with dr bronners peppermint soap, couldn't get the goop out. i'd rather them work on naturally forming than having a ton and a half of product in them. also, they're banded at the root and tips, would it work better if the root bands were out? ack, sorry for the trillion questions, i really love them, but i hate the fact that i look like a drowned rat (my husband's description) and my head is gooped so much the hair looks constantly wet. pointers, hints, knowledge, wisdom, etc etc greatly needed.. much thanks. namaste.
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m and m star

It's sunny, and I'm happy, and here are pictures for you all to enjoy.

So I haven't posted pictures in here for awhile, so I figured I might as well go for it right now. I took some pictures last night of some pig tails I did with my hair. I love being able to tie up my hair without hairties, and it's good because I always lose them. I always play with my hair when I am drunk and manage to come up with the craziest things that I probably wouldn't have the guts to wear around otherwise. I think this hairdo kind of looks like I have built in scrunchies (you guys remember scrunchies, right? I guess they are still sorta around), but my friends didn't think so.

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