April 7th, 2005


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hello everyone

i am considering getting a few dreadlocks
on the underside of my hair .. like maybe

has anyone here ever done this?

how hard is it to do this?

uhmm.. whats your recommendation on the best way to start do this?

is it a pain to keep the locks separate from the rest of my hair
while shampooing.. etc.?

hopefully some/one of you could help.
any help/advice is welcome. id love some!

oh & my husband had dreadlocks twice so we
do have some sort of experience with locks.

thanks so much!
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I have been noticing a growing backlash among whites, about whites, with dreadlocks. Even though it is finally long enough I feel uncomfortable dreading my hair at this point with such incredibly harsh reactionism. Just over the last couple of days, with my hair in simple braids, I have had bottles thrown at me and people yell from cars. 'You should be ashamed, you fucking faggot.'

In conclusion.. I feel so uncomfortable right now with my appearance, with how others percieve it. This is for safety purposes just as much as personal insecurity. What are your experiences with this? How do you brush it off or explain to those who do not understand (with compassion)?