April 8th, 2005



i had dreads in february and i loved them. i really really did. but some stuff went down and life turned sour real fast. i got this free coupon from the cosmetology dept. at my school for any service at all for free. so i was gonna have them take the black out of the bottom of my hair. and they told me i was going to have to take out the dreads to do it, because the chemical they were going to use would make my little dread formations band together into one big dread. and i was thinking... well thats not really what i was going for. so i spent the night conditioningconditioningconditioning and combingcombingcombing and grimacinggrimacinggrimacing until i got them pretty much all out.

first of all - i know plenty of dreaded folk that dye their hair all the time. what gives?

+ secondly - if i went all black with my hair, and i dreaded it, then later i wanted it back blond again... is there a specific way i'd have to go about doing that?

thanks for anything you've got.
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combining dreads & TMI on hair dye

i combined several of my thinner locks this week, giving me 23 instead of 27. i'm pretty certain this is how they'll stay. i've always felt better with a specifically-chosen number of dreads on my head instead of a random number, despite what blackperson says about counting them. (combined how? just like this: http://www.livejournal.com/community/get_up_dread_up/1617555.html)

the following is too much information on hair dye:

i did some reading up on color theory, & decided to try mixing my bright-bright red with green in a continuing attempt to find my color. i LOVE manic panic's "infra red", it's PERFECT on bleached hair, but manic panic sucks & SFX doesn't offer quite that red. i recently achieved the right color by putting SFX "nuclear red" over light brown hair, but the light brown wasn't straight from a box - it was ten minutes of bleach over a permanent medium red over hair bleached to pale yellow, heh. of course it's impractical to double- (or in this case, triple-) process for regular touch-ups, so i was back to mixing shades of SFX. what i learned by scanning paint sites: mixing a color with black will darken but not deepen it, & black would also cause loss of dimension of the red. so i tried mixing red with its complement green, it worked beautifully, & i'll have freshly-redyed photos for you kids in short order.

for those who can't stand posts with no photos, ( here are the most recent ones i posted ) & ( here are a few more ). enjoy.

Overheard in Freddy! / Small critter question?

DISCLAIMER: Don't be offended by the label i give these girls, i just mean that they looked like American Eagle / Abercrombie & Fitch people. I don't mean it offensively.

American Eagle Girl #1: "you know, i'd love to get dreads."
AE girl #2,#3: "yeah that'd be cool" (general agreement)
AE girl #1: "Yeah i've seen that guys dreads all year, they're nice."


I over heard this in our caf today... obviously they were talking about mee seeing as there was no-one else with dreads in the caf. what really suprised me is that they looked the stereotypical "cool/popular" type (Our University is overrun with them. :P) Maybe it was because they smell like peppermint? (Hurrah Dr Bronners!)

So although someone posted about white people getting ragged on for having dreadlocks, it's not like that everywhere.

muahaha, just doing my job to recruit more dreadies to the tribe. ;)

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Also i have a question about Degu's (Daigu's). Does anyone have one or 2 of these lil' critters? Because i'm going to be getting 2 in a few weeks, and i'm curious about your experiences and if they like playing in/with dreads. Also any tips/advice or even any amusing stories would be cool. I hear they're similar to chinchillas to take care of so i figure i'll be alright.
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White people with dreads

1)I've noticed this community is predominatly white. Ever stop to ask why?

2) I would like to pose this question to white people and people of color alike. Are white people with dreads “culture vultures” who are appropriating? Or are they just simply individuals with dreads? Discuss
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Natural dreads PLUS backcombed dreads. Bad idea?

I just have a quick question. I had shoulder length dreads for nearly a year then combed them out. After combing them out my hair is now nearly down to my butt!
I felt really awful so i've been putting them back in, much skinnier this time, but the problem is that I can't do the ones in the very back myself. Now I still have most of the bases of my old dreads that I couldnt bother to comb out that I have cut or ripped in half or quarters (they were very thick. maybe one to two inches across each) and was wondering if i could skip backcombing those ones. Once matured naturally would they look drastically different from the 40+ other ones I have backcombed in the front and sides? It's only the very back of my head that I cant reach to back comb and my hair is very straight but tangles really easily, especially at this length. so what do you think? just leave it, or plead with a friend to do the rest? I'm not using any wax or products by the way and I wash my hair once or twice a weekish

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do any of you use elastics on your new locks?

what are your thoughts/feelings/advice on those?

im doing a few on the underside of my hair tonight.
so any advice/whatever is verymuchso welcomed!


update:: i just got my first 4locks.
they are beautiful. i will post pictures
sometime. i bet all of you think im
such a loser for only having 4locks haha
oh well.. (:

Dread beads

Hello one and all, first post here ^_^

About to dread my hair for the first time, just ordered Dreadhead wax this evening! I have a question in regards to decorating your dreadies with beads, and I can't seem to find any info about it. Basically, at what stage of the dreading process do you thread a bead on? Do you use anything to hold it in place, or does your thickening dread hold it eventually?

Thanks for your help! ^_^

EDIT: Thank you to everyone who responded! Seems like a nice wee community here ^_^
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