April 9th, 2005


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i posted some pictures of my hair on my site
i dont know how to do the link thing on here,
so go ahead & come to my site to see them i guess.

 here's one for now.

no very good. but it's something.
remember, they are less than 24hours old.

me in the corner

Roger's dreads

Went to see Less Than Jake last night. It was a pretty fun show, not as good as the last time I saw them, but I think that had more to do with the crowd. They are an awesome punk/ska band, and one of their members, Roger, had a really awesome dreadhawk. So I thought I would share. I also talked to a couple boys with dreads, and it's always good to meet fellow dreadheads.

Click here to see some pictures

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shampoooo Q.

does anyone know if suaves daily clairifying shampoo is ok to use on dreads???...

ive just run out of my dreadheadhq liquid soap (bless it! *snorts*) and i had purchased dr.bronners liquid soaps which im not so found of since they leave my hair and skin with a weird filmy feeling and a head that dosnt feel so clean with a wet stinkyness afterwards =0 S i just want to purchase somthing no scents dyes -the whole free of anything- at the store intead of purchase somthing i need online, again.

since its gotten warmer out and i sweat more in the hotshop at school im now washing my hair 1-2X a week which was only once a week before... so not to waste all the bronners soap (im not to found of at the moment) i alternate. give one good scrub/washing with dreadheads liquid soap and a rinse/wash with bronners for the other wash of the week to hold me over... my hairs have been going nuts with this, my hope is that my head with sort itself out soon.

and still waiting on my little hairs to grow where they where ripped out. =0 \

me in my baldness overloaded and in a weird mood thanks to this beautiful day.
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doing dreads!

hey everybody!!
Ive been asked to dread my moms-friends-daughters hair, i suggested dreads cuz her hair is REALLY REALLY curly/frizzy ish and i thought they would look awesome, so now im just lurking around for any suggestions on how to dread super curly hair :)
anything is helpful!!
ps ill be dreadin without wax

Plead the FIF!

Know any good sites?

I want to start an extensive list of dreadlock websites that people here in get_up_dread_up find interesting.

It could be a site about maintenance, maybe a photography site, a message board or anything else related to dreadlocks.

I'm going to place this entry into the memories so people will know where to find good sites online.

Any suggestions?
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I just washed my hair with Dr Bronner's all-purpose Castile soap (something like that). That's all the store had. I haven't heard of it before, so I'm checking in to make sure I haven't drenched my dreads in toilet-cleaner type stuff.
So far nothing bad has happened and I'm imagining ichiness and tingling (I hope)
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DIY dreadie spray?

Hi again peoples :D

Do any of you make your own dreadie cooling spray? I know Knotty Boy do a peppermint one, but I don't really have the money to shell out for something like that.

Would diluted essential oils be ok?
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To the post below, I washed my hair with dr. bronners castile soap lavinder hemp. This is what my hair looks like todayall dryed out in the sun..... I wash my hair like once a month sometimes more, sometimes less. I am really carefull and dont mess with it much, just tie it back during work, and wear a tam when i feel the need.

and the back of my head

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