April 14th, 2005


the other day (the 12th) my dreads turned 5 months. for some reason i was thinking they were 6 months, but it only took one hand to count back to november.. im glad theyre not 6 months yet, though, cuz now i get to look forward to next month. anyways,
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i started using this shampoo called breck's or something that i found at big lot's. its simple, natural, and rinses clean. heh..
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natural dreads?

i have wanted dreads for ages but i've never done it because i still want to have clean hair. i always assumed i'd have to wax the hell out of em because my hair is super fine and thin.

BUT i've stopped using conditioner and my hair can get super frizzy and i think it wouldn't be too difficult to get them to stick together for a day or so. but my scalp is really oily and i'm afraid that they'll loosen up.

how do you go about making it last without using wax?
evil monkey

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one of my friends lately has been talking about wanting dreads and asked if i would do them for her. so i said sure.
so today we started and i got 8 done when all of a sudden she remembered she has a court date in 2 weeks.
so the question is should she leave the baby dreadies in or take them out and do them later??
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hi peeps!

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Anywho i have a question. Who here has had a set of wax aided dreads, and a set of "natural" dreads. because if i have to get rid of this set, i'm thinking about doing it sans wax on my next set. i'll still section and backcomb though. So if anyone has done it this way which set did you prefer? Pro's and con's of each in your opinion? What differences did you notice in upkeep, smell, feel, etc.?

i know that's alot of questions!
*phew, wipes sweat from brow*
Now to go to sleep!
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