April 16th, 2005

knotty boy

hey :)

i was thinking about getting some knotty boy shampoo, but i dont know whether to get the liquid shampoo or the bar, what would any of you recommend if you use it? :) i mainly want it to keep my scalp nice and beat slight dandruff. i've tried other shampoos but when i wash my dreads my scalp is all dry afterwards! :( so i thought i'd give this one a go as it is specifically for dreads...whether its just a money making thing though i dont know :P

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melancholy dreadlocks

I don't like them at the moment. I have loads and loads of loose hair. Tell me they'll get better and lock themselves up better. I've had them since December 7th (I gave myself dreads for my 21st birthday, December 6th!).
I wax them about once a month and wash them about once a week. They all get a good palmrolling while they're wet as many of them get flat easily. I sometimes wash it with T-gel or Nizoral for the dandruff I occasionally get. Apart from that I just let them get on with it.
I hope it gets better. I look a right mess at the moment though!

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I cut off my dreads in the back of my van with a dull kitchen knife.

I felt very bad ass at first... then felt more like just a regular ass.

For the last week I've been a post-dreadlockalyptic fluff ball. It hurts too much to brush it so I'm just gunna let it knot back up again.

The End.