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I feel so naked! [17 Apr 2005|03:21am]
[ mood | artistic ]

I've been combing out my dreadlocks for the last few days, because I'm starting over and going natural. I think I have the patience to do it.

My hair looked really African after it had been combed out. But I put some conditioner in since then, and it's all back to normal.
So, tomorrow I comb out the last few dreads and embark on my LONG journey to natural dreadlocks. I'm looking forward to it.

It's amazing how much longer my hair is now that it's been combed out. I'd say it's about 30% longer. Amazing.

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[17 Apr 2005|04:36pm]
Uhm, I have real dreads. is it possible to put in fake dreads? because I don't know how to add them to my dreads, there's no normal hair left to put them on.
I hope you guys can help me..thanks!
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[17 Apr 2005|09:09pm]

yes, it was very hot in that room.

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Huzzah! [17 Apr 2005|10:32pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Hello again one and all :D
My dreads are nearly finished... my boy is taking a final break before knotting up the last dreadies at the front of my head. Squee!

So my question is... how long does the "Sideshow Bob" stage last for? Cos every single of my dreadies is sticking straight up/out, and are quite tender and sore to lie down on >_< I'm sure bedtime this evening shall be interesting :(

Thanks for help/suggestions!

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