April 18th, 2005

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hey, you're all looking gorgeous as always

I was wondering, someone had posted a tam making pattern sometime a while ago and I can't find it, could anyone hook me up with one?

thank you so so much

Long time reader, first time poster, that good stuff...


I came across this awesome community through...yeah, I don't remember. I usually use Xangurr for all my online blogging needs, but youse guys are so awesome, I figured I'd come here with questions.

Now, onto the questions!

I'm going to have had my dreadlettes for 2 months on April 26 (yay)...and the roots were never dreaded properly in the beginning 'cause I'd done them myself late at night. They've now all matted together (the roots, not the dreads) and I'm not sure as to what to do..seperate them? If so, how? Leave them they way they are and hope they come out alright?

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^that's from around the beginng of april, same as the one below.

I look such the dumbass. I apologize for the "Shit she needs a helmet" quality of the pictures, but I hope you can tell what I'm talking about.

thanks to anyone who answers my questions!
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A bit of dread partying at my house last week...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Myself and Jen wrestling on the floor... I think... I've no idea, I don't remember this being taken!

edit: I'd like to point out that's marshmallow on my jeans... :-P

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Baby dreadies!

Thank you so much to everyone who replied to my "Sideshow Bob stage" question! Hopefully my dreadies will be looking a little more settled in a week's time ^_^

Aaaaand... as requested, pics! Crappy web-cam pics, but pics none the less :D

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