April 19th, 2005

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thanks, a lot of pictures are taken at gigs, and just a view turn out ok so, hehehe

And ja Yoko, ik hier, fish gotta swim, birds gotta eat, I was bored so I thought why the fuck not, I've been so busy, that I diden't have any time for myself so, lots of shit to put down here

GrtZ Gobo a.k.a Dreadfull days

P.S: It's kinda empty @ my own lj thingy, so if anyone wnats to add?

Rgis is me of stage, together with my mate and guitarist Remy

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Heyhey. I had my dread speech today. I got a good mark on it and I feel that it was very informative. Some guy drank the Dr Bronners shampoo I brought because I mentioned "it's all-purpose, so you can wash your teeth with it or something". He reported that it tasted like saddle soap. Anyway, that's all. :)
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