April 22nd, 2005

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Sooo, much to my surprise (not), I'm growing my mohawk into a dread hawk! I had a dread hawk for about three years, a few years ago, but my mother attacked the back with scissors one night while I was asleep, so I just shaved them all off. (I still have them, too.)

Now, I'm back, with a rat tail, chelsea, AND dread hawk (the rat tail might become a dread; I'll ponder). Plus, I don't live with my mother!

ANYHOW, my question for you beauties is this:

What can I use besides beeswax? Anything vegan friendly? Maybe just hairspray? :)

(I checked the memories, but I couldn't find anything of this nature.)
me in the corner

Happy Earth Day!

I recently finished a self portrait woodblock print for my printmaking class. I've been wanting to do a self portrait with dreads for a long time, and never got around to it until it was an assignment. I used to lots of self portraits before I had dreads, and they don't really look like me anymore. I tried really hard to get the dreads to look textured, and I think I did alright.
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I also spent a good hour or so tidying my hair up last night, sewing in loose hairs and tightening roots and what not. I ripped one dread into two because it was kind of seperating itself. I was surprised by how easy it was.
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And one more thing. Does anyone else have names for their dreads? My best friend and I named all of mine one day last summer when we were bored and high. I was reading through old journal entries and found this entry about it. Of course, I still don't know any of them by name, but it's still funny.

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Hello everyone! I have been a long time fan of dreads but I was always hesitant to get them for some reason but Ive diced Im going to do it. Im good with reading on how to do it but its easier if I have someone helping me, so if any of you live in phoenix AZ I would love your help, I would buy everything needed and if you want I would be willing to pay you! Please help, you all seem nice and always helpful so Im sure someone here will be willing to help.

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I have a question that I hope somebody might be able to offer an answer to.

My dreads are only about 3 1/2 months old at this point, but I've noticed something a bit disturbing. At least to me anyway. I'm getting these bumps in my locks all over the place. Like, the dread will get these little "hills" in them that looks like a whole clump of hair is just popped out in one tiny place. I've tried to crochet them back into the rest of the hair, but it just doesn't do anything for it. Sometimes wearing a bead over those places kind of squish it in a bit, but it's still an issue. Does anyone knows what causes this and/or what can be done to fix it? Is it something to be worried about or something I'm doing weird?

Thanks in advance for any ideas!

wraps and hats.

Two questions: 1) How does one make / buy those dread wraps (I assume they're called..) where cloth or some material is wrapped around an individual dread. 2) Where are some places aside from dreadheadhq and knottyboy that sell big hats that would fit over dreads well? I dont' like crushing mine (only 2 months) under regular hats.
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