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[23 Apr 2005|12:52am]
[ mood | nervous ]

i'm gonna give myself a dreadhawk tonight!

maybe, i'm a bit nervous ... i'll feel so bad, so, weird if i chop one off.

we'll see.


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Ta daaaaaa! [23 Apr 2005|02:33am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

They're fiiiiiiiinished!
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[23 Apr 2005|03:42am]
[ mood | silly ]

bye bye
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Today was a sad day, I finally had to pick up the scissors. I'd lasted eight months but it just had to be done...

So I had a farewell spliff in the bath and then...

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[23 Apr 2005|09:57am]
My husband and I got back from chicago last night- Ill probably post other photos from the trip- but I made this one for now:

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[23 Apr 2005|11:37am]
i've got it all sectioned off, but i've found myself with my hair tied back like this for the past HOUR!

i'm afraid!

i'm just afraid to cut (dreadhawk) what i've worked so hard for. :|
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[23 Apr 2005|11:47am]
hey all!:)
my locks are almost 6 months. and like all of you i've been through times when I didn't know what to do with them. But i'm so thankfull that I still got them, and I thank this community for that because of the pics that are posted here. They remind me of how beautiful dreads are and it just requires patience :)
Sooo enough buttkissin' ;) here some pics of my locks,
peace & love, Julie

Read more...Collapse )<img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v179/hatsieflatsie/Scannen.jpg" alt="Image hosted by \
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photos. [23 Apr 2005|01:19pm]
here are some pictures
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POST YOUR TATTOOS! [23 Apr 2005|01:39pm]
[ mood | curious ]

Hello! This is Laurie (scratch_me_out).. I just have a new and BETTER lj name. =)

I was just curious as to whether you all have tattoos? I want to open up my own tattoo shop someday and I'm kind of infatuated with them right now. I'd love for you comment with some pictures of your tats!

Dreads and tattoos... mmmmmm...

Much Love,

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Crochetting - good or bad longterm results? [23 Apr 2005|05:35pm]
I recently started maintaining my roots by means of crochetting. Anybody here who has been doing that for a while? Would any of you mind posting pics so I can see what sorta dreads it makes in the long run? Thanks :)

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