April 24th, 2005

first aid


I was wondering if anyone has ever done an under-dye job on their dreads (as in the hair is layered and the bottom layers are dyed a different color than the top)? I really wanna do one super bad, but I don't quite know how it will look with dreads.

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Yes. I am finally dreaded. They need lots of work. More backcoming to be done.

How long should I go until washing? And any reccomendations of dreadfriendly shampoo that helps dry scalp? Eep.

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Rather OT.

I am planning to get a full sleeve tattoo done, I was going to have leopard skin with stars sort of cut out of it, but now I'm doubting it. Plus, I am NO artist and I fear that I will have trouble getting it just how I want it.

So, can anyone help me design a full sleeve tattoo? Either help with the leopard print design or make suggestions for alternatives.

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