April 28th, 2005

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A few pictures and then Im off to bed. I was wearing this fleece headband around tonight and glanced in a mirror only to be pretty excited with my hair. I of course took photos to share with all of you. Its what I do, okay? :p

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Hobosexual <3!

I thought this was great.

A guy I know from work was talking about getting dreads and he wanted to know how to make them. And instead of talking about wax and rubberbands, I asked him, "What do you consider dreadlocks?"

And we talked about the different definitions of dreadlocks and what he wanted exactly. I told him about natural methods (meaning letting it grow without product or letting it grow without brushing). about twisting, about dreadfalls, and everything I learned from you guys. Finally, he decided to just stop brushing it in order to get them. I thought it was cool that even though we have different ideas of what "real" dreadlocks were, I still managed to help him out. And I mentioned this community as well.

Keep being awesome, everyone!
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the other day in a thrift store, a quickly-approaching-elderly black woman asked, "who did that to your hair?"

when i responded that i did it all myself, she told me i'm a "miracle". it seemed friendly.

i wonder what it means.

she only seemed MOSTLY drunk at two pm on a sunny sunday.

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i opened facebook (college online community, like myspace) to find this message waiting for me:

From: Ben Wiersma
To: Emily Tokarski
Subject: Awesome!
Message: Hey you're the chick with the awesome hair I always see around campus!! I wish i had hair like that : -(

it made me giggle out loud. i'm still smiling widely. hehe!