April 30th, 2005


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madison greene is a band.
they are a super delightful band who describes themselves as
aggressive, acoustic with celtic & cuban & african undertones.
(what a mouthful) & a few of them have dreadlocks.
just thought id share some pictures & i hope that you enjoy them!

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first aid


Hmm, so I looked around a bit at the memories and so forth; and didn't find any info on sectioning hair before it's dreaded. So I'd like to ask if sectioning makes a difference? or can you just grab randomn chunks of similar sized hair? basically, does it look any different? I'm just curious because I really, REALLY can't pay someone at a salon to section my hair for $65 or whatever ridiculous ammount they want for such a service. Any suggestions?
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I've had my dreads for nearly six months. They're doing great, for the most part. However, some of them are dready at the top and the bottem, and have quite undreaded hair in the middle. I don't know what to do (besides just leave it) because I can't backcomb anymore or the lovely hard tips will fall off. Any suggestions? Or is it one of those you just have to wait things?
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Hey, I've been meaning to join this for ages and I've only just got round to it :)
My dreads are fairly new, I got them done at the end of last year, by my_ghost. Here are two photos:

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What can I do about those little rogue stands that stick out of the dreads? Someone recommended using a croche (sp?) hook but I didn't understand what to do with it...