May 4th, 2005



i got a dreadperm today. i look like sideshow bob, but does'nt everybody in the beginning. only i do more so because i have bright ass red hair, which faded to this yucky pink color. i will post pics when i can find the battery charger to my camera.

edit..ok here is one...warning, it is a big pic!
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Cutting dreads...
Any thing I should know if I wanna give them a trim (I seem to be cultivating a weird dread mullet at the moment *eak*) or can I just cut them as if it were normal hair? Please help it's getting out of hand!! Thanks :)

the clothesline of cold eyes

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I had this terrible dream last night.

I was playing with my hair, and i grabbed the ends of my dreads and they just came out! then i held the little suckers in my hands. poor little dreadies. can this happen?!?!??!?!?

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Hey all. I had dreads for awhile. had to cut em off for a job...anyway...Judging by my user pic, do you guys think my hair is too short to dread right now? That was taken 2weeks ready to have some dreads again ..what would be the best way to dread short short hair? somebody told me to just rub my head with wool..i dunno. What do you kids think? Thanx

.kind love.
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Trip to Seattle

Hey hey hey,

Schools almost out! Time for another road trip! Last summer I went to the East Coast so now I'm gonna go check out the West. Amy and I are leaving Texas on June 1st, and we'll be in the Tacoma/Seattle, WA area from the 3rd til the 8th. Anyone here from the Tacoma area?
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