May 8th, 2005

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tips pic & an OLD timeline

my tips are all adorably curly this week. i think i may've slept on them funny. :D

(click here to see the most recent full photos i've posted.)

so my dreads turn five months on tuesday. to celebrate how much better they look this time around, i spent way too long mocking up a big assed timeline jpeg for that first set.

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Decisions decisions...

Hey. I've wanted dreads for a long time now, but I don't know if I can bring myself to do them. I'm one of the few odd people who has an obsession with running things through my hair. Whether it's a comb or my fingers, I could sit there for hours lost in my own little world just pulling my hair back and playing with the ponytale or combing my hair in the shower. Dreads are so cool and I want them really bad, but the tightness and inability to softly drag a comb all the way through my hair makes me want to have a seizure. Anyone else have that problem and did you avoid getting dreads or cut your dreads because of it, or how did you get over it? Thanks.

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I have a question about dreading with bangs...

I started my dreads over 9 months ago..and I left bangs...buyt now i want to dread them UP!

I was just wondering if anyone has any advice..since they are short as hell...and when i do them, they will be soooo weird and poofy compared to my dreads now (that are nine months)
Plus i wont even be able to tie them back with my other dreads
AHHH what can i do!

Has anyone every dreaded their bangs and then got extentions on them?
ANY advice will be wonnnnnnnnnnnnderful. =) thankssss

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I have some questions...

Is there any type of material you can get easily for dread extension besides old dread locks?

Anyone wanna send me some old dreadlocks in the mail?

You can just sew dread extensions onto the bottom right?

Thanks ahead of time!
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