May 9th, 2005


I liked this pic, so i photoshoped it, i put the spotlight on gatt, the dog in color.. hes a really cool dog, and the girls house im at has 2 other dogs which i dont really like, one of them is in that pic there.... that dog is such a fuggin attention whore.... but gatt is a cool guy, he bites on my dreads and loves to get high...


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itchy head questions

I have been contemplating dreads for several years now and just have never really gotten around to actually doing it. I have one big reservation though... itchiness!

I had my hair in braids for about 2 months a year ago. The origional plan was to kind of see how I liked the braids and then gradually take out the braids and dread them. I loved not having to get up and "do" my hair ( I wear it back all the time anyway) and had started taking out some of the braids and dreading them when I had time to kill, but then the itchiness just got to be WAY too much and I couldn't deal anymore so I took them out. Since the plan was to end up with dreads I was using dreadhead HQ's dread shampoo and nothing else in my hair. I was washing it about every three days or so. I didn't have dandruff to speak of, my heads was just super itchy. I probably would have washed my hair less except it temporarily releived the itchiness and I guess the itchiness made me feel really dirty or something lol. I have had problem with an itchy scalp before and using a dandruff shampoo (despite not actually having flakes) seems to help some and using conditioner helps a lot. I know not to use conditioner with dreads and I'm assuming that a dandruff shampoo would be just as bad because of the residue. Tee tree oil didn't really help either. I don't think the itchiness was really related to the tightness of the braids btw.
I also tend to have pretty sensitive skin and for some reason can't use anything by neutregena even though they are supposed to be for sensitive skin.

Have any of you faced similar problems? How did you deal with it? I hate that this is what is keeping me from dreading my hair!

oh and hi btw :) I just joined a few days ago, but have greatly enjoyed reading the posts in here.
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