May 10th, 2005

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Jaki- I know this is technically againts the rules, but Im hoping that it'll fly because you all know Im not just a scary spammer troll and also because it's not crazy in-your-face about it. Let me know if you disagree and rules are rules cause Ill take it down in a heartbeat!

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SouthPark Me

A question on the rules


Does deleting SOMEBODY ELSE'S COMMENTS constitute a violation of the 'no drama' rule?

It seems to me that in a discussion forum (which is, after all, what a community is supposed to be) then non-mod creatures deleting comments made by others completely destroys the trust of a community, as it violates the rules of discussion.

It's not mentioned specifically though.

SO I figured I'd ask, maybe see what other people's thoughts on this are.

(if you'd rather I ask you about this privately, just delete and e-mail me, mmkay?)


I have new dreadlocks..

(i know i only posted on here once to ask about matted ones, but I figured I'd post again...right.)

anyways, i combed out the old babies about three weeks ago, and today I got my new ones put in, after a kick-ass dye job (bluey-black, it looks awesome), and so now i have awesome new dreads. Pictures soon, but I can tell these ones are gonna be better than the last, deformed ones.

I have 43 this time, instead of...thirteen.

okay, bye! *hides*


So I got a job at the pizza place I applied to a while back. The only reason I posted here is because i was worried I'd have a hard time finding a job with my dreadlocks because of the many stereotypes out there. This is my first job, and I'm wicked excited!!

Has anyone ever had a bad time, trying to look for work, as a result of ther dreads?
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new product?

hey everyone. I went into sally's beauty supply today and they had this line of dreadlock prodcuts called "Rasta Locks and Twists" (see site) that I had never seen or heard of before. It looked interesting, so I bought some cream called "Lock Gro" that is for dread matinence. It supposed to Stimulate Root growth, help the itchies, strengthen locks, and prevent breakage.

Has anyone heard of or used any of this stuff? Was it worth my $5?

I'm afraid to try anythign new, lol, but it smelled good....

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thank you in advance for any help!! <3