May 15th, 2005

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hey everyone....

i haven't posted in a while. i have a new journal--i used to be alors. my dreads are now a year and half old. here are a bunch random pictures.

I'm about to leave for Europe for the summer... I will be in France, Switzerland, Belgium, and Amserdam... I know there are a few of you out there, I would love to get together with some fellow dreadheads!!

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needing advice from all the lovely peoples with dreadies in the south of england, Guildford/Hampshire/Surrey kinda area. Does anyone know of anywhere where they do basic dread maintenance in the local area, london would be ok but not preferd, and camden is just way to expensive. I have quite a few lose hairs now and i cant sort them myself its just not possible with a mirror i cant even thread the needle thing (and yes it is big enough im just useless lol) and sadly my GF also finds it impossible :( shes not to good with the needle type things. also im going to thailand in a couple of months for 3 weeks, would they be able to do that kinda thing over there does anyone know? i know they do lots of dreading but iv no idea about maintenance etc etc. other than that im all out of ideas and will just have to sulk forever or get rid of the dreads or something :( (which i really dont wanna do!).

many thanx :)

//EDIT// just spent an hour trying my hardist to put the lose hairs in with a big needle type thing and i managed about twice :( the front of my dreadies are really anoying me, because the hair is thinner at the front the hairs are all lose and seem to snap a little or something cos there all really short. hence if i take out the elsetic bands then i have a load of short ish little hairs at the front. also my roots are just not locking up to well either so i cant stich them in because they are so short theres no dreaded part they will reach :( i just really dont know what to do some peoples dreadies have vurtually no lose hairs and are all dreaded nicely, i mean if its simply a matter of time thats fine dont get me wrong however im just worryed time is not what is needed here. :( any one have any advice? should i take out the elastic bands that keep it neet ish? there are lots of lose hairs all over i guess if i get them stiched in i can take out all the elastics apart from the ones at the front? *sighs* thanks peoples :(

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I'm so friggin' impulsive!

You know what, I combed out my dreads for the 2nd time, and I am also regretting it for the 2nd time.

Both times I've done it I've just come here afterwards and looked at all you beautiful people and asked myself what on earth I've done.
So, soon I will be starting my 3rd journey. I'd like to backcomb because I need to get £2000 together by September, meaning I need a lot of jobs, but now everybody's like "You'll just comb them out again anyway!", so nobody's willing to do it, yet paying for a perm would take a huge bite into that £2000. Of course when looking for employment going natural isn't really an option even though I'd love to.

Oh God. I'll stop ranting now. Please just keep posting loads of pics to fuel my dread drive. :)
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