May 16th, 2005

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i have a little problem. I have nappy dreads, and if I bind the outgrowing hair with rubber bands, and I take them out, I get these awefull bumps in my dreadlocks, because that's the way my hair will grow. I really really HATE that. So now I don't tie them with rubber bands anymore, and I let them just grow wild, but I don't want to because it doesn't look very well taken care of, with all that loose hair jumping around. What is the best way for me to really get the outgrow of my hair tightened up to form really tight dreads? I still don't understand the whole principle of the crotcheting process, and I have been unable to find really good pictures or illustrations that explain me how to do it (as I know nobody in real life who can show it to me), and rubbing clockwise is really tiring for my arms, and I can't do that long.


(and and of course i need to know how to get those loopies out of my dreadies, and how to get my dreads tighter ... or well... harder in general.)
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first aid

New Dreads Irritation

Just thought you all might be interested to know (especially if you have newer dreads), that if you get any irritation around the back of your neck near the hairline (including somewhat large bumps, and pinkish skin) don't worry; they're just swollen glands that act up during times of scalp irritation. I went and talked to a doctor last week because I was getting all these lumps on the back of my neck, and she simply explained to me that they were just swollen glands and would go away on their own in a month or so.
Thought I'd save some of you some worry!

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Got a pair of beads, after a year of having none. Camel bone skulls. :D

Oh. And a question. Do you find that people think it's okay to just walk up to you and grab your hair? At the mall the other day, I had four people just tromp over and start feeling up my hair, without so much as a hello. In my case, the grabbing thing has gotten worse since I dyed them red.
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Hemparific and dreadtastic!

Now, I'm not sure how many of you ken what the Settle Hemp Fest is, but I have an interesting dread/hemp fest related story.

Yesterday, while scampering out and about with some new friends, I was taken (in a great deal of smiling and secrecy) to meet this fellow named Vivian, who turned out to be the director/founder of Hemp Fest.
Not only was he a massively delightful and thoroughly groovy fellow, but he had also just started his dreads! Glee! ^^
We talked dread-shop (amoungst other things) for about an hour, I showed him some tricks and tips, and he eventually asked me to come back and do some maintenance on his lovely, twisty little creatures (because he has MS and it's hard for him to do it himself). Of course I accepted. *wags* So next week, I have an appointment with Mr. Vivian to frolic m'little way over to his fantastico house and help them critters to knot.
*wriggles* I am quite filled with glee at the coincidence. *indicated her delight-filled center*
The end!
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i havent been online much lately and i havent read too many recent journal entrys from you guys so sorry if you have talked about BUGS lately.

BUGS! I HATE BUGS! i used to be a dirty street kid....didnt care once if i got bugs or not and thankfully i never did...but now that im squeeky clean its been freeking me the fuck out and im really clean about my used to like NEVER wash it....but now i wash it alot....cause i freak out about bugs.....but.....MY DREADS SEEM TO HAVE LOOSEND UP THE PAST MONTH.and i dont like what do you kids do to make shure you dont get bugs and keep them clean without them geting lose. a friend said i should try tree tee oil shampoo....what do you guys think have you used this before?