May 17th, 2005


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hey all,
i searched the memories to see if this was a question yet, and i didnt find any questions that pertained to what i wanted to ask...but if i missed it lemme know and ill happily delete this post asap:). im 20, from boston..and i really really really want to get dreads. but, i have super thin hair, and im worried itll look stupid, but im not sure. does anyone have any experience with that?



We all have wishes. Everyday we wish something, and perhaps we don't even know it. I would like to know what your wishes are. I am giving out 10 wishes for each person that posts here. I can't garantuee to make your wish come true, or help you realise it, but perhaps this is a chance for you to realise what your wishes are, and even how you can get there, or find someone that will help you to realise your wish. You can even inspire someone else, or find someone to talk to about this stuff. But the main reason for those wish listings? To think about your past, present and even your future. To realise what you want, and find out how you can get it, it can be the most simplest of things or the most complex of things. It doesn't matter. This could be the beginning of something new. Or not. Whatever. So, post your 10 wishes (and none of those I wish I had 10 more wishes because I will cyberkick you :P), wishes that could make a difference in your personal life, the little things that would make you happy. Those random little wishes that you wish every day. Good luck.

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Hi everyone. Er, quick question. I want dreadlocks, but I, unfortunately, am young and still have to listen to what my mother says about it. Heh. Anyway - she's not too happy that I want some, and keeps telling me she won't let me dread my hair because she claims they stink and look terrible. Any suggestions as to convincing her that they aren't that bad?

Also, my hair tends to get greasy and disgusting really easily - if I even skip a day of washing it, it gets really gross. Dread-wise, could this in anyway be a good thing or is it bad?