May 18th, 2005

Newbie here

Hey, I just started dreading last night FOR THE FIRST TIME, by myself.

My friends are coming over today to do the back, but I have short hair so it's not gonna take that long...

Anyway, I don't know if I am doing it right. I decided not to buy the wax until they are done in case I don't like it (so they are easier to get out, I did experiment with a crapload of conditioner on the first 2).

I bought a metal dog comb from where I work (petstore, but it was new so don't worry)) and backcombed like CRAZY! I know they are not gonna be tight but they are very loose. I was also wondering if I can use a needle and thread to kinda sew them a bit tighter to start so it doesn't look quite as new...I've seen people who have them sewn.

Here's other info: white girl, slippery thick hair that was in an inverted bob a little longer the chin level. I thought I should start shorter so it wouldn't kill me putting them in.

I'm glad to join this comm. and will post pics soon!

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faewish~by me

New To Natty

I have never had dreads, but for 5+ years I have coveted the look, beauty and message behind dreadlocks.
SO after following a girl from a crochet community into this community and looking for a few days at all of your beautiful dreads, I know am ready.
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my front dreads have always been quite thin..but the thing i reeallly hate about them is the partings around them which are quite obvious. ive joined two thinner ones together before but theres still an obvious parting around em, i know it can't be helped but i swear its too wide a parting!! it also sounds shit when i say parting,,,ahh i just wish u couldnt see my scalp at the much rather it was all loose hair. and cos my hairs dark it shows more.
anyway..if you understood my jibbering then help me if you can :) thank you!!
children of the Earth

May I introduce?

My friend ............
__lastlaugh  finally decided to do the knatty. I personally think they were meant to be there. I mean her hair was practically
sectioning itself off on its own as we went along. Anyways, here is the before and after shot/s.


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workin man

So today was my first day of work. At first I was a bit worried because The uniform includes one of the mesh/trucker hats. So I wasn't sure How that was going to turn out...

I ended up needing a little extender thing they stole from another hat, so the hat would fit around my dreads ^_^ It took a while to get them all comfortable, but I finally managed. I did have to take out my two beads however because they just got in the way a TON. I did notice that after a while though, my hat rode up so my head looked as if it was about 2 feet tall. Oh well.
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(no subject)

My roots are really starting to get me down, I've my knots for about 8 months and I like the way they look, except for the fact that my roots are just getting bigger and bigger and aren't dreading! No matter what I do (I use the knotty boy gel and salt water and palmroll all the time). My hair isn't the best for dreading, it's fine and v straight and because I can't backcomb my roots I can't see anyway of them being knotty like the rest! Eventually I'll just end up with enormous non-knotted roots and the ends dreaded! Argh. I've been thinking I might have to resort to beeswax (I started them with it, but then regretted it - but it seems to be the only way they knot up). I know dreads aren't all perfect and neat but the roots aren't dreading even though I give them loads of attention. It doesn't look so bad in these pictures, I was having a good day, but you can see how much of the hair is just there and not knotting at all...Collapse ) and if anyone has any advice, please share!

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Me & my sister put bands 'round my roots yesterday. I hope it'll help get rid of the short loose hairs I can't seem to sew into my dreads. It's kinda pulling my scalp & hurting a bit at the moment but I'm sure it'll look much better in a month or so. Right? :p
Also: is there anything you can put in/round/whatever your dreads besides beads or wraps? I can't put beads in my anymore coz they're too fat and I'm not that keen on wraps anymore. Any suggestions?

Muchos merci in advance! :)

Hil-dur xx
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I've been lurking around this community for awhile checking out all the lovely hair and figure its time I posted my hair here. Enjoy!

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