May 19th, 2005

Drunken post....sorry.

I'm a bit inebriated due to the fact that tonight was my bf's birthday....however...I came across an olld picture of mine and I was just tripping out at how much my hair has grown.

As far as my favorite dreads on here....I'm not sure I could chose a favorite set. It's just so hard because I find that I like each one's set for different reasons.

On another note....I got another tattoo!! And since you all are like family, I adh to show you.

My Dia De Los Muertos tattoo.....
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Sorry if this post seemed random. I can't process my thoughts correctly. But my grammer looks pretty good!!

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Awe i saw someone said i was one of there top 5 locks... thats AWSOME!!! im really liking that my locks are startin to get some love! Anyways... i will have a top 5 for you all soon, i still dont really know any of you that well yet... but i really like natural looking congos and just that whole old fasion artistic caveman look :D

Here is a pic for yall :D

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favorites list:
anyone with a beaver paddle is automatically on the top of this list, but since I cant remember anyone on here with one: smeardlipstick, swissmouse, i_dread, undressthe_moon, ____ and.. I remember telling a bunch of people "oh my goodness you have one of my favorite heads of locks" but I cant really remember who so, if I've said that to you, you belong in the blank space I left. and just to keep this from being a text-only post: Collapse )
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Newbie here with PICS

Hey all, just did my dreads yesterday:  I found and indie rock store that sells knotty boy products so I did wax them right away (I wasn't going to in case I hated them--but I love them!).  Here's some pics:




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I think it would be better to post all your favoritelists in the same post otherwise we get pages full of lists or atleast post something more then only that list(but who am i to say) and uh...locks or looks. ;)

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i just ordered knottyboy's aloe locking accelerator.

i like their wax, in very small amounts & only for brand new dreads. i like their liquid shampoo a lot (the first batch at least, circa 1998), but only for every second or third wash or it dries my hair out like mad. so i figured i'd give a new product a try. i'll let you kids know what i think.

in the spirit of trying new things, i also ordered their shampoo bar. i anticipate this to be much the same as the liquid except, er, harder.

(yes, i know dreadlocks don't NEED product. they're dreads! go natural! yay! but considering i bleach & dye every few months, & my hair's naturally dry to begin with, my dreads are thirsty for SOMETHING & we know regular conditioners aren't dread-friendly. so maybe this aloe & lime concoction purpoted to be "lighter than wax" will do the trick for me. we'll see.)

thoughts? comments? "i tried it & liked it"? "i tried it & hated it"? comment away. :D



so i found you all like, 2 days ago, and am totally rockin out to like, every post since haha

hmm, anyways, since you all like photos so much.... (even though i detest any with me in them..... you all seem pretty nice :^) )


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EDIT: oh, they're 4 months old!
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After seven months of putting it off, I got a needle and sewed in miles of loose hairs, and messed around with my tips. I still have to do the back of my head.. but at least my forelocks look okay.
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I'm also too much of a neat freak for dreadlocks. It finally got to the point it was fix the loose hairs, or cut them off. XD
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Oily Hair

I just started to let my hair dread naturally (neglect method). It's been 4 days since I've let water touch my hair and it's incredibly oily. The oilyness is not affecting the locks that are starting to form in the back of my head, but rather it's just keeping the rest of my hair (the roots, front and sides) thin and stringy. What should I do? Should I just wait it out with patience until my hair is trained to wait a week before washing (will that even happen with naturally oily hair?), or should I wash it or wet it more frequently, maybe with salt water or something to at least get rid of the oils? I have a tea tree shampoo for regular scalp washings...will that affect oilyness in the long-run, by any chance? I haven't used it yet.


My computer has a virus so that = me not being able to sign into Livejournal and not being able to post comments or anything. So i am a inactive active member if that makes any sense? well i thought i would update on the Albino Dreaded Chameleon whos going on 1 year in August

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More newbie questions cuz I am a dork

Hey, I posted this AM about my new dreads...

I am using Knotty boy wax and I was wondering if I don't wash for at least a week, how long will this waxyness go away?  Its bothering the crap outta me!  I just need to get used to it, but I don't want to re-wax until a day or so after I shampoo for the first time...

Also, is there is way any of yall found to wash your roots and not the dreads?  I work at a petstore and do lots of litter/bags of food lifting and sweat A LOT.  I have been just using astrigents for my face to "freshen" my scalp tonight---EXTREMELY sparingly...I just hate that sweaty cakey feelings.  I know I'm gonna have to get used to this but any ideas?

I am sooooooo in love with my dreads, and thanks in advance!



And of course a pic so things aren't boring:



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