May 23rd, 2005

fred says LOOK!


I never documented my growth and changes with pictures. I can admit I never saw a picture of mine or stood still long enough to take one until I had them for about 11 years.
I never cared, and I usually wore a crown in public.

But, please don't let me rain on your wonderful parades.

I have a pic without, and those with them old as the ages.

I wanted to let go of the Vanity. I still carry that torch.

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I play rugby, and at our game on Friday this girl grabbed a chunk of my hair and proceeded to rip a section of my hair out. (I had to play for 20mins with my head bleeding) I didn't think it could be done AGAIN...

At this point I do not have dreads, but this has happened before when I did. They were too short to tie back and headbands are a big no-no in rugby. And back then (last year or so) someone grabbed a small one (really small) and ripped it clean off. I was appalled by how weak my roots were. Because of the dreads?

Just wondering if anyone else has experience ripped hair. I hope no one else has, because it hurts.