May 24th, 2005


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Hey All.
I was just wondering, how many people are religious? Whats is your opinion? I am trying to gather peoples opinions because it is something I am interested in. Please no-one be offended by this, or be offensive..I'm just curious.

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KB tightening gel pt 1

as promised (see ):

my order arrived today. i haven't yet tried either product, but first impressions:

the tightening gel smells FANTASTIC. it's very lime, which is a nice clean scent. i got some on my fingers & it quickly rubbed away into nothing - no stickiness, no greasiness, just vague moisture. the smell evaporated with the product.

the shampoo bar doesn't smell as good as the liquid shampoo version 1 (circa 1998, discontinued, recently rereleased as v2 which i haven't tried) but it is very solid, so i hope it doesn't melt down too quickly in the shower.

i'm about due for a wash, so i'll post my results of actually USING this stuff when i have a chance. (the gel is to be palm-rolled into wet locks.)

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Okay, is this just due to my scalp getting used to not being washed with soap everyday or just the salt water dip I did yesterday (didn't rinse out)?

I'm finally getting the itches! I thought I'd be fortunate enough to do without, but alas they have started. Also, the roots of the hair on one dread next to my forehead is all red and sore...just the salt maybe?

I'm going to wash again tonight to get the salt out in case that did it.

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Anyone use regular Suave shampoos on their dreads? I used some of my sister's beau's Apple Suave Shampoo, it worked well, rinsed out clean, and made my dreadies smell supah nice.

I just bought some of my own today, Strawberry, and I was wondering if it'd be okay to use more often, like
perhaps every day? There are lauryl sulfates in the shampoo, if that changes anything.

Gimme some feedback you knappy peeps!! Thank you in advance.
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so, my dreads recently turned 10 months. to celebrate, i used the method of combining dreads that lish explained a while ago. and now... i feel like i have a new lease on life. YES. my love is stronger than ever.

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then i took a bath in the awesome whirlpool tub that is in the house i just moved into, and stuck my head underwater by the jets, and it was amaaaaazing.
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ooooo okay i was just thinking about something today...

my entire life i haven't ever been grossed out by hair. when people find a hair, they in most cases think it's disgusting and don't want to touch it. also people get grossed out by hairbands with a bunch of hair in them or in touching other peoples hair... and stuff like that.

my question:
Have you guys not been grossed out by hair your whole lives? I've never had a problem with picking up hair or anything like this. For some wierd reason i also collect my friends' hair.
I believe that your hair is an extension of yourself, which i'm sure many of you agree with. Hair is a personal thing, which is why people give each other locks of hair meaning love.

what are all of your views on this?

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ok so, here's my dilema:

prom's on friday, i have NO idea how to do my hair. [since ive never done anything but wear my dreads A)up in a ponytail or B) down. .. but down is not an option because it looks awful with my dress!]

anyway, wonder if someone might be able to give me some help/ideas?? please?

here they are today. [and this picture was so some sort of assignment, i dont just take random idiot portraits during leisure time.. ok i lied, i do on a daily basis.]

thanks a plenty !


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