May 26th, 2005

HEllo again!

Man i hate how i always have huge gaps in between my participation in this community. Oh well. :)

So alot has happened to my dreads, first off i was about an inch awayfrom cutting them, see, i recently managed to get myself an 1996 Audi A4, for those of you who don't know cars it was a really really expensive car way back when, but i managed to get a really great deal on it. But still since it was an expensive car and i have dreads, most police would assume i was a drug dealer. So to avoid hassle i was going to cut them off and that way i would please my parents as well. BUT... my parents this past weekend deceided that they ACTUALLY WANT (!!) a few grad photos with my dreads!! 0_0!

SOOooo... this is wonderful, i get to keep my dreads (althought the cop thing still bugs me), and possibly keep them till next summer if not longer. But, one condition has been imposed on me, i have to get them tidy-ed up. So now i'm looking for little shops that do dreads. And anyone who has ever gone to a dread shop or knows of one in the montreal, quebec, boston or any points east of those places, i would love to hear your reccomendations. Any further than that and it'd be too much of a road trip for me to do in 2-3 days. :/ And i'm a little less keen on going to the states for fear they'll tear my car apart looking for drugs and then leave me with a mess of parts but i'm still willing to go for it'd be an adventure.

anywho pictures soon i hope (as soon as i get a day off work) and they may even be naughty pictures. tee hehe. ;)
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I’m finally ready to get dreads. I’ve been reading all kinds of stuff online and following many communities to learn whatever I can about them. The only problem is that I know that I cannot reach the back of my head to backcomb and nobody I know is skilled enough to do them for me. I know they shouldn’t be that hard for someone else to do for me, but I would really rather get them off to a promising start and not leave myself worrying about them constantly.

So, does anyone know of somewhere in Florida where I can get them done? I’d like to go to someone that can show me how they are created and teach me a little about maintenance and other things that I need to know (all the stuff that I can’t learn from the internet). I don’t really want to ask random salons because they’ll probably lie and say they can do them and then mess up my hair just to make some money. Maybe I just need to meet some better friends.

I live in West Palm Beach and Orlando for parts of the year. This leaves me able to travel to anywhere in Florida, so any suggestions? I don’t need to go to a professional stylist or anyone with a degree; so, if anyone knows how to dread and is willing to teach me about dreads/maintenance, I’d pay for your skills.

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hello dread-friends.
been a long time since i've posted. too much drama going on, but i still read and watch and ♥ everyone.
so here's my update. got a new bunny (or a bunny period, i guess... cause she's my first) so i get to combo dreads&bunny, which i think is pretty great.
her name is ezra. like "better than ezra".
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bunny ♥ to all.
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Now, dear chitlins, I have for you a question. Understand that I need the opinion of the masses, for once, to guide mine hand. If You were to choose of the below pictures, three that were most spicey, most perv worthy, most suicide attractive, which would they be? Dreads are included in all, some fake, most quite stinkingly real. Yes, there are a lot of pictures, not all of them small, none of them huge. Bewares!

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just a bit of a vent.

So... long story short, I wound up with a case of ringworm (it's just a fungal infection. not a big deal), either from the work I've been doing with animal shelters or from random kayaking/camping expeditions.

I stopped at Walgreens to pick up some antifungal cream to treat it with, and asked the pharmacist about the different active ingredients and which would work better. He proceeded to lecture me on how I wouldn't have gotten ringworm if I didn't have dreads. (WTF?)

Stupid people. I dislike them greatly.

(and... to keep it from being text only... a blurry photo of the real reason i probably have ringworm.)

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I rescue rodents and let them play on me.

Fun at Surf City

I got some pics of me and 2 random dreadies at the beach today :D

and here are some links to pics i took of the chick on the left and the dude on the right...


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Hobosexual <3!

A fun idea for the community?

I'm not sure if there is a demand so I should check before I go do anything special. But if there was get_up_dread_up merchandise, would anyone be interested in it? Probably just t-shirts or hoodies. I had been batting this idea for a while and I figured it would be cool. So community poll:

Poll #501433 GUDU shirts

Community t-shirts?

We should TOTALLY have t-shirts! I'd buy one!
I think it's a good idea but I probably won't get one. No offense.
Meh. I don't like the idea. Sorry.

I'll check back here in a week and see what we decide. Happy days.

Edit: I should also mention that cafepress makes mugs, mousepads, bags, journals and other things. So if you vote for shirts, you'd also get the option for those. As for hats, they only make trucker hats and I don't think they'd fit over dreadlocks. So that kinda defeats the purpose. Sorry, hat lovers. Ok. That's all.
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Hi, I'm Carissa. Last Sunday, on a whim, I gave myself dreads. I had them for a while a couple of winters ago but I took them out because I decided that it wasn't time yet. Now it is time and I love them. There is another picture behind the cut.

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i've been pretty happy with my locks the past few weeks. getting long, knotting up just right, being well behaved. i have pictures, a dread rinse recipe, and a WONDERFUL website for people who like nice smelling locks. (everyone on my friends list who is also a part of this community, is going to laugh at me) :|

pictures first.

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