May 27th, 2005

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I've just used a little wax and palm rolling on a small number of dreads with loose sections, more out of curiosity to see if it'd do anything really.

It's the first time I've touched the wax since being in this community I think... I'll report back if it has any positive effect!

So far all it's done is made the loose bits look greasy, they're still sticking out again. Ho hum.
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hi everybody...i've been a member for a while but have never posted before because (1) i don't have a camera to show pictures and (2) i don't have dreadlocks. i've admired them since elementary school (i'm 20 now) but there's one problem...
it can't seem to happen. i've always wanted them to form without any interference from me. i stopped combing my hair two years ago and it looks the same as it did when i first threw the brush away. i don't use conditioner. i guess i'm posting now to ask if you guys thinks it's possible for me.

thanks everybody and love love love to all your beautiful locks
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Sweating and washing

So now that I'm back in Georgia for summer, I've started running again. I sweat during these runs naturally, and I wonder whether or not to wash the dreads after each run. Would they be alright if I didn't wash them, or should I deal with dreads that are constantly wet or drying? Would washing them after every run slow down their locking up? (They're on their 3rd month now).

Sorry if this has been asked before.
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How Long?

For those who have neglect dreads, how long did it take for your hair to start forming what looked like dreads? How long until they were full dreads? I'm especially curious about those who had straight, thin hair.

It'd be especially cool if anyone has pics of their neglect dreads so I can see how they came out in the end.

I've read so many negative things about neglect dreads that I'm curious to see what I can expect from my hair, especially since it's thin and straight.

For me right now, it's really just the back of my head that is starting to knot up/tangle. The hair underneath the top layer, and the hair on the sides and especially the front of my head is particularly slow going. In fact, it looks healthy and shiney for some reason.


Dear DreadHead Friends,

A few days ago, I decided to cut off my locks. For those of you who have done this before, you know that this is both sad and liberating. I decided that my dreads would be in the way/hot/heavy and too hard to take care of as I backpacked around Europe this summer. And... I was just ready for a change. Let me tell you, it's so strange to look in the mirror and not only see no dreads, but basically no hair. This is quite a change for me, as I have had long hair my whole life. But let me tell you, it feels so good, I wish all of you could touch my head!!

This has been a great community, and I intend to stick around, however, I am taking it off my friends list, as it is too hard for me to see all those beautiful dreads each day!!

I will miss this!!

Until next time,
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