May 29th, 2005

faewish~by me

Curly hair

My baby dreads are one week old now.
I'm wondering how many people in here have naturally curly hair.
My not-so-dreads are curling!
I don't really care, because I'm embracing my frizzies and everything.
I just can't wait for the day when they look awesome!
But I have the patience to wait.
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(no subject)

THANK YOU to everyone who suggested the clockwise rubbing for my roots (and apologies for the whiney nature of that post) it's worked *so* well I can really see the difference and I'm not going to attack my hair with wax now *will be posting a timeline thing as is the trend at the moment*

Hobosexual <3!

Just because I'm curious

Because I'm too lazy to list all the damn sexual labels, are there any people who usually/occasionally enjoy romantic/sexual relationships with same sex? Gay, lesbian, free spirit, whatever you want to call it. I'm not gonna get into THAT conversation.

But you should all say hello to me here!

(no subject)

Well, it's been a whole 11 days with dreadlocks and I love having them! The ends keep unraveling and so do the roots (I braided them a tiny bit before backcombing tooooooooo).

My super straight hair is escaping, blah blah blah roots not staying blah blah blah. Sewed them with thread, still having issues, blah blah blah.

But I'm determined! I'm stickin around!

Pics later on.

Just some randomness from the peanut gallery...

I think the dreadies around here only come out during the warm weather. I mean everyone wonders how many people in their town have dreads. My town is so closed in on itself, that you rarely see anyone. I am happy though that in the past two days, I have run across about three or four other dreadies from this hole of a town and another one just a few miles away.

I just need to get someone who will take some pics of me dreads rather than just say they will.

*end musings from the peanut gallery
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a chicago dread meet-up?

this just crossed my mind, i know that there has been a dread meet-up organized here before, i think. i think the meet-up was on the east cost? hm, i cant remember.

what about a chicago meet-up?

just wondering how many people would actually be interested.

a raise of hands?
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