June 3rd, 2005

the modern dance

*Waves the Help banner*

Gather round my pretties..
I have a story to tell you..

Once there was a little girl who used to have dreads that came down past her shoulders, but alas..one day..she turned up at home with not a single hair on her head.

After many months of hairless existance, cranial exposure and the occasional (albeit possessing an impending frequency) dread-withdrawal symptoms...hair becomes welcomed once again..and it begins to grow
so after spending lots of time sporting absolutely no hair at all...it's now being allowed to grow...

rightie ho

simple so far, what's she getting at?

well....i kept all my lovely dreadies...i may have shaved them all off rather abrubtly but i loved them and there was no way i was going to part with them..and i remember looking at them in their box the day of the shearing and saying to myself...i must find a way to re-attach them to my head one day..

so the suspense is growing...and plans towards the attachment of the forlorn dreadoes begin to bubble inside the mind of the dread-deprived individual...

what i humbly request is anyone's expertise on the matter...

having joined this community before i actually got dreads i have great faith in the complete and utter helpfulness one can find here...


help me get my dreadoes back!

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(no subject)

hey dutch people...

how do you pronounce "maastricht"? do you pronounce the "t" at the end, or no?

this has absolutely nothing to do with dreads. merely with the fact that i don't know how to say the name of the city in which i'll be living for 4 months.

oh, i know how to make it dread-related. i'll let you all know that... dun dun dun! my roommate stopped brushing her hair! she has really thick dark brown hair, and she stopped brushing it about 3 weeks ago... and already has some big, thick, knotty locks. i've never seen anyone's hair dread up so fast... they're looking better than mine!!

(no subject)

hey, i was just wondering if any has any advice on conditioning dreads? i've had mine for about 18months, and my hair is naturally pretty dry which is beginning to irritate me!

i dont want to use any bottle products, but instead am looking for a more natural alternative? As yet i havent found anything that has convinced me.

I've been swimming on the beautiful Cornish coast as of late, so my dreads are all salted up which i'm prety happy about, its just the dryness of my actual dreads, i'm not overly concerned about frizzy roots, as i can see the benefits in that, but my dreads feel really rough and are frizzing up!

Any ideas?

also, apologies if anyone has already read this!
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(no subject)

Does anyone else have that problem where some parts of the hair around the neckline just doesn't want to form?

I only have one picture of my hair really and since my hair is black and pulled back it's kind of hard to tell they're dreaded =X

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(no subject)

does anyone within a reasonable drive from boston do dread maintenance? i've got a shit-ton of loose hairs and i'm on the job hunt and i'd like to see if i can clean it up a little without actually cutting my hair.
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(no subject)

i haven't really posted in a while, i think. i'm trying to put together a timeline of sorts, and sorting through all my old pictures is absolutely grueling. how many pictures is too many?

(no subject)

A good friend of mine just cut off about 6-7 inches of black hair that matches mine and since locks of love likes it longer, she gave it to me to dread and add to my hair!

Now, I've only had dreads for 16 dyas, but I figure if I do it now they will tighten and stuff together and be stronger as we go along. Is this a good idea? Anyone else have luck in this department?

I know she took good care of it, and she never uses conditioner so it's knotting really easily, which is great! Any tips on how to get them to get into my dreads? I have a big carpenter needle to help.



Finally, some pictures.

Yeah, well, I've been part of this community for about 5 months now, and I thought it only fair to actually post some pics of my newest set of half-matted locks (that and my digital camera is finally working again *grin*). They're not even a month old yet, so give them a chance :)

They're so much shorter than my last set....

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Anyway, I think that's more than enough of me.

- Danny

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2 1/2 weeks

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

This afternoon I was very frustrated with the way my hair was turning out, but nghtchyld talked me out of gouging my eyes out with a crochet hook. Here are the results of some massive TLC that I gave them today.

Also sorry I don't respond much to comments, but thank you all for the compliments and advice, you're wonderful!
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(no subject)

Hey guys!! I drew this picture for a client of mine and I just thought I'd share since it pretty much is dread related. I was pretty pleased with the way it came out considering I haven't drawn anything in well over a year.

Anyway.....here it is in all it's glory! Hahahah...

Before it got framed....
Image Hosted by The Image Hosting

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I creamed myself!

(no subject)


I have little buds all over my head! New beginnings, new possiblities. I love the process best of all. I couldn't help it! I missed them so much. Pictures will come when something is actually happening.
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Hold Me.

(no subject)

hey everyone, i have a question that has probably been addressed before, but oh well.

my dreads are four months, and as much as a clockwise rub them on the roots, they don't seem to lock up there. on each one there is about an inch of undreaded hair that i can tell wants to dread up, but doesn't know how. there's almost like a little "poof" at the root of each one that makes each dread stick away from my head a tiny bit, or off the top a bit... it is really annoying. i dont know if you get what im talking about, but basically...

what is the easiest, most effective, and quickest way to get roots to behave??