June 4th, 2005

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Hey guys,

Im thinking about getting dreadies i have quite thin long-ish hair and if i was going to dread i want to just leave it to dread up, not back comb it or anything, is that a dumb way to do it and how long does it take to properly dread up?

Thanks guys!

This is me:
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Hey everyone, I have a questioning about straightening dreads.

My dreadlocks are fairly curly at the tips, and I am wondering if its ok to use a straightening iron on them. I'm going over to my friends tomorrow, and she's helping me with all my loose hair, and she suggested using a straightening iron. if that's not a good idea, any other suggestions? I roll them a bit, but after probably 10 minutes, they are curly again.

EDIT I don't have any wax in my dreads anymore EDIT
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well, you said too much wasnt too much. so a zillion pix behind the cut. beware.

i have learned 2 things from making this damned timeline.

1, my dreads changed more than i thought.
2, i kind of look like an alien.

anyway. enjoy.

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work + doctor's cancelling = boredom + camera + empty office = lots of pictures for this work theme.

i feel kind of like i'm cheating though, because my hair has decided to dread slowly going the au natural way, so i have only one dread. well, there's another one on the way...and i love my office so much that i just had to show it off...

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Plead the FIF!


The get_up_dread_up photo theme is: On the job!

You work hard for the money! Now pose for us at your job. Give us the grand tour. Maybe you're a painter? Maybe you work in a office. Or somewhere inbetween. Show us where you work. Just because you have locks doesn't mean you can't have a good job!

Don't forget about t-shirt designs! If you have any questions about the rules (which are now linked in the user info), feel free to email me.


Suggestion Box Thread!

Got a suggestion? Leave it below.
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I'm happy because I was judging the length of my dreads and realised how well they were dreading 'on their own' at the roots. There's really no difference between the backcombed stuff and the newly grown hair. It's neat how it just cords up on its own. I guess I didn't really believe they'd do it.


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

was bored so I picked up the camera once more
got my dreadies not so long ago and they're quite fluffy at the moment
but I guess thats normal :)

for the Ducth people here: where can I buy that knotty boy wax on amsterdam??

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well what soaps/shampoos do you guys use?

i know you should use residue free, but i was wondering if i can use goats milk baby shampoo (it smells awesome) and it washes away clean, it does leave a smell, but such a divine yummy smell *drool*
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I got the Semagic 1.5.1 LJ LJ Update thingie. It's cool. This is my first post trying it out. Seems to be going well so far, no catastrophies so far!

I decided to be more active in the GUDU community cause I see so many cool and pretty and fun people here that I would love to interact with!

Anyway, who here lives in San Diego, CA? I'm planning on moving there and I'm trying to find out what it's like, you know, just gathering as much information as I can. I would like to know both negative stuff as well as the good stuff. I plan on studying Multimedia at a college there (is it college or university? good lord :D), it's so hard to get information though, I can't get any folders or info books sent to me through the internet, god it's so annoying *rants*

Anyway. Since everybody likes pictures, I decided to go a lil crazy yo :D Randomness all over.
(from new to old)

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PS. I'm looking for some dreadheaded people to be LJ friends with.

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