June 6th, 2005

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Just a quickie to see if anyone is going to the Download festival this week?

I'm gonna be there from Wednesday onwards... possibly looking like a complete drunken idiot wearing that bright orange bandana... so if you see me make sure you say hello!

If all goes to plan I should be helping to hand out 10,000 free record label sampler CDs featuring 16 tracks by lesser known hardcore/metal bands, which I did the artwork for so you certainly want one of those ;-)

If you're not going but want a CD anyway, then take a peek at http://www.angryculture.com for details of how to get one for free :D

I can't wait :D :D :D
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setting: friend's little sister's graduation party.

high school government teacher walks over to us.
well, hello you two! sara, you look so different, your hair is dark!
reaches out and touches my dreads.
and you! what is this, dreadlocks? and that... lip piercing? what are you, a hippie?

i just smiled, amused, and said, "...sure!"

it made me think of that recent post where we were talking about being called hippies, and whatnot.

then at another party, this girl came up to me and told me she really liked my hair... and went on to say how she wanted dreads, but she was too scared. but she had THE most perfect hair for it. long and really curly, tight little curls that would dread up in a week if she stopped brushing. i told her she should go for it.

well, i'm bored at work, so if anyone wants to chat, my aim is azure emily.

Yes...in the long run this IS dreadrelated

I don't mean to sound like a teenybopper or anything, but I am just really excited that Jamiroquai is coming out with a new album. I saw them for the first time when I was 8 years old, back in 1993, my dad took me to a concert on his shoulders, and I guess somehow love for certain music or bands crawls through the blood, because I have loved Jamiroquai ever since. This is 12 years ago! I am turning 20 this year and my love for them still shines as it did back then. I also saw them again in 2001. Man, I was so happy.

And yea. A new album. This is just amazing. To illustrate how much I love their music, there was once a crazy period in my life where I actually considered tattooing the Jamiroquai logo on me. Hehe.

So I hope there are other dreadheads are sharing this with me, the excitement of the new album. And of course I think the new single is great.

And now for the dreadrelated part:
I always wondered why Jay Kay (lead singer), never had dreads, especially in his younger days. I always really did wonder about this. If out of all people someone would have them, it would have been him. But yet, nothing. Amazingly strange. Didn't anyone else ever wonder about this? I mean they would suit him so well, I know this for sure. Ah well.

Jamiroquai has a new album. :P
*does a happy dance*

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well and wow.
as of this moment, i'm brushing/tearing my dreads out.
i stop to think and it scares me a little. i used to have nightmares that they were gone. i think i'm going to wake up tomorrow crying.
but i really needed to do this.

a better story and some photos when i'm done.
wish me luck.
faewish~by me

Mass Dwellers

The idea came to me suddenly that'd i'd like to have a picnic the day after my birthday (wednesday).
Since there are soo many from Ma in here I thought I'd extend an invite!
I realize it's short notice, but i'm sure we can do another one of these again this summer!

Location: http://decordova.com/ ---Has an awesome sculpture park which is free and many people picnic there so I'm pretty sure it's allowed!
I'm bringing hummus, tabouleh and bubbles!
Everyone should bring a group munchie, but you don't have to go nuts! Whatever your budget allows!
And a blanket or chair!
I'm thinking around Noon-ish because it gives us time to eat and get to know eachother an then explore the park!
If your interested email me! candi.oconnell@gmail.com
subject line PIC-A-NIC!!!

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so i've decided to dread my hair (still having a few second thoughts...) as soon as school gets out... just 9 more days -holds breathe- and i have kind of long hair...
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so i was wondering if you have any tips for dreading long hair, or any tips at all in general. also, before i decided to dread it, i wanted to dye my hair dark purple, so i'm trying to decide if i want purple dreads. what do you guys think?
thanks :)
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So, I did this really dumb thing and wicked my hair (much like lish's animated icon) whilst standing a little too close and a little too drunk next to a bond fire, and burned the tips of most of my dreads, and I actually burned one off! 3 week old dreads + wax + fire= bad bad thing! I thought about leaving the tips, since the burned hair knotted like crazy :) but it stank so bad that I didn't want anyone to think I was a stinky hippy,,,,,

so now I have shorter, uneven chopped dreadies. After 3 weeks I'm starting to wish I hadn't done this, but I'm just going through a rough patch I suppose. I'm in this for the long haul after all.

I have a pic of my and my dreads at work, but I'll post it later when my friend emails it to me!!!!!!

Just feeling kinda dumb.

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Is it normal that my hair is really thin and a bit brittle right now? I combed out my locks this weekend, but I was wondering what I could do to 'fix' my hair again. Do headmassages or whatever help?
I can't find anything about it in the FAQ's, so can anyone please help? Perhaps the people that are dreadless at the moment or the people that have had several sets of locks can help me here.. ? I don't really know what to do.

Thanks in advance.
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okay folks. finally put my dreads back in. this is my sixth set of dreads. my first two times with dreads were naturally done and i did them at 16 years old. my sixth set is shown here and i recently turned 31 in april. eventually i'm going through floppys and taking photos to put a website together with pictures of all my dreads. does anyone know if it's possible to get photos off a floppy disc where the piece broke on the bottom and if i put it in the drive it will get stuck? is there anyway i can retrieve that information? i have like 10 discs that are broken from the moving i've done this past year.

enjoy the pics. by the way the back is shaved because i had one big dread back there, it'll grow back... soon... very soon... very...

oh and a question for all those dreadies who didn't do it naturally. when putting in your locks which band/musician did you listen to during the process?
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