June 7th, 2005


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if anyone has any tips on brushing out, i really need them right now. i've been doing this for about 6 hours. i'm down to the last inch or two at each root and i just can't make it work. there's so much wax...
i'm very distressed.

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These aren't very good pictures... but I was bored and realized I hadn't posted any pics in a really long time. Sometimes I'm surprised at how much dreads can grow from one year to the next... I should put together a time-line one of these days when I can get access to a scaner.

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Dreadies at work!

These are post burn dreadies:  I work at PetCo in MN and here I am in the office after my shift with my best friend (in the blue).  I'm holding her boyfriend's brand new baby pug, named Stewie as in from Family Guy!

Sprint phone pictures are not that flatering.

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Looking for...

I need someone to inspire me!

My hair is longer in the back with shorter pieces up top for my former faux-hawk, but I'm back to my craving to dread up. I could either (a) cut it (b) say fuck it and dread it before my senior pictures.

So, I'd like to see some short/uneven dreadies for inspiration to dread and I know this is the place for dreaded beauties!
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i haven't posted a pic in a while...so here you go...

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i ave been wanting to dread up the lower half of my hair forever...but it just hasn't happened....