June 8th, 2005

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Me at band practise earlier (The Atrocity Exhibit, doom/death/grind/black metal/noise... before you ask ;-)).

That's all I have to say, I'm off to Download in the morning, see y'all there!
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eeee got back from canadia today....

visiting my sister who's going to circus school in quebec city ja.

twas fun!!

i'll post some pics or something soon... hmm

but ANYWAY.... more importantly...


ok if you didn't hear me..


yeah you.

we're gonna hang in the commons (kinda neutral, eh?)
in like, late june.

if anyone has any specific dates they're kinda attachted to... lemme know.

aside from that, one will come about arbitrarily.

my email (a gmail account.... (@ gmail.com)... is "Fortunesfool"

(oh and if you want one, i have TOO many invites...)

all right.

so basically, boston-ish...


late june...


email me.

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dear paintbrushbangs,

my comments were not made so you would delete your posts. my comments were made to help you. you asked for opinions & feedback & that's exactly what i gave you. i neither want nor need you to apologize - nor did i want you to delete anything - just to please pay attention to the answers when you ask a question.

if the wax is too expensive (as your immediately-deleted comment said), i have good news for you - YOU DON'T NEED IT. it makes locking easier on some hair types. you have fine blonde hair from what i can tell. i seriously doubt you'd need ANY product.

backcombing isn't dependent upon the comb. i did mine with a .49 plastic ace. good backcombing is dependent upon taking the time to do it foremost, & technique second, then comb type way down at seventh or eighth.

i'm glad you don't need people to tell you if you're pretty. you're a stronger person for not relying on their opinions. requested ADVICE from people you obviously deem experts, however, should be given great weight.

finally: you're in florida. so am i. i'll start your dreads myself if you want to take a day or weekend trip across the state.

(i looked for an AIM nick in your userinfo, but you don't have one. so i'm posting. the end.)


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Hello everyone. I haven't posted in almost a year and I feel a bit sad over deserting my cyber-locked pals.....
my little brother and I on a recent afternoon, after a long day canoing at the beach.

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hey guys!
went to a kick ass rockfestival this weekend in Germany. My friend just showed me the pictures she made back there, and she made two of me/my hair and I didn't even notice!
And I haven't seen my dreads from the back often..or..actually..never (don't ask how that's possible..)! So I just wanted to share it with you:

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dead zone johnny & sarah

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I work at an amusement park and since schools haven't finished yet it's mostly school trips that are coming these past few weeks. Today while operating the ferris wheel some 13 year old girl yells from the ride to me Get a haircut!!.


yay for summer!

Loops eventually just go away on their own, right? I'm being patient with them, my dreads are only 6 months old....

Here are a couple pictures I took of them today. They're coming along nicely, they're really finally locking up and getting hard (and f'ing loopy as hell haha) and frizzy, but I'm being patient and understanding : /
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