June 10th, 2005

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x-posted to dreadfaeries::Long question post from newbie

lots of stuff:
hey--I'm new--I don't have any pics but I dyed my hair last night and it is TANGERINE ORANGE, FLAMING ORANGE. (see also annie lennox of the eurythmics in the 'sweet dreams are made of this' video FOR REAL)So, anyway. I was thinking of dreading my hair but kinda wanted my hair to be redder. so I may redye it

has anyone seen FLAMING ORANGE dreads before (don't say 5th element) do they look neat or what? I know dreads are classified as an alternative hairstyle, so I was kinda hoping to draw the least amount of attention to myself in that respect. any thoughts?
also, is dying your hair a bunch really good/bad for new dreads? I won't dye them when they're in; just thinking of redying them red. dying can make dreads really dry; but I also read that the hair is easier to dread if it's dry. I just don't want them falling off.

funny story:
I live in a semi-large southern city (mobile, al) but it's really conservative for the most part. so I go to Virginia's Healthfood Store to check out their Dr. Bronner's (anyone use this stuff?) and I asked the lady working about it. I told her I was getting dreads and get this::she was wearing a scarf on her head and she totally had dreads, and the guy waiting to check-out had dreads too!!! These are like, THE ONLY PEOPLE IN THE STORE!!! I just thought it was really funny; I've lived here for 2 yrs. and have seen only 2 sets of dreads, and now I bump into TWO DIFFERENT PEOPLE AT THE SAME TIME with dreads. it was awesome.
but, not hard to wrap your brain around, since it WAS a healthfood store.

anyway, sorry for the long post--thanks for reading!!!

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one last shake

Today I shaved my head.

I had planned to wait until next summer to do this, to start my dreads all over and just let my hair grow in whatever way it wanted to. But, well, I didn't wait and I did it today. My dreads were a little over 10 months. I don't usually let people take pictures of me, but I have few (mostly cell phone crap pictures).

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Well, that's that. Don't worry kids, I'll still be around to tell you all how gorgeous you are and to drool over the beautiful dreadies you all have. My hair will grow again and most likely the dreads will be back as soon as possible (I plan on just letting my hair do it's thing and we'll see if it wants dreads). So yeah..

random questions

Just curious for those of your who maintain. What is your routine like? Does it differ when you have a fresh set of dreads vs. a more mature set? Do you work on them everyday? Do you backcomb and crochet? Do you do it in a certain order? I tend to be a very busy person and when I get home I just veg out and I'm trying to find myself a good routine instead of letting my hair go. It's also very frizzy and I have to wear a hat/hairnet at work all day so it tends to flatten out as well.

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So, I know this is not really dread related, but I have dreads and it's about hair so here goes: blonde hair going green in chlorine. No web links cause I searched the net alot already, any personal tips would be great though! Thanks and huggles x

so i'm new

and my dreads aren't really dreads yet because...well i just started 3 days ago
but i've been waiting for hair for months, because i had to grow out my perm and all that
and i started with twists so they won't look like dreads for a while but i still think they'll look good until then
pretty much just introducing myself and i guess i'll keep posting as the process goes
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so this is my formal "sup"


Yeah. I knew this was coming. I just didn't think it'd be like this...

I emailed my mom, and included pictures of my new locks.
Emailed her first, asking her to get all her bitching out of the way now, before I saw her in person.

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*sigh* My mother is the COMPLETE opposite from me. Though we love each other dearly, I don't see how I came from her. AT. ALL.

(edit) SWEETJESUS -- in my original email to her, I said "Okay, let everything sink in, DON'T CRY (you have no idea how that effected me when you CRIED about my septum piercing), and email me back." Well, she just sent another email to me while I was making this post:

umm, Krystal, yeah, If you you're keeping track.............I just got done crying...................

O_o I think she needs serious therapy of some sort.

If this was your mother, what would you do/say to her? Any weird applicable facts you may have.. *sigh* I don't know. Her email just stressed me out, and I decided to share, looking for ANY kind of advice from you guys with how to handle the situation with her.

Much thanks.
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i saw something about dread felting on knotty boy.

anyone know how to do it?
i've doon felting before, so i know the basic concept, but does anyone know how to felt into dreads?