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[11 Jun 2005|09:27am]
I totally had to steal this icon because its too fucking funny. Anyway, thanks blackperson! (i hope I did that tag right)
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[11 Jun 2005|10:07am]
[ mood | awake ]

People of the GUDU, help moi out, svp.

I'd like to comb out one of my front dreads so I'll have sidebangs. But I'm not sure if it'll work with me so could I get some feedback of the people that combed out their front dreads to get bangs (how it went, if it didn't work at all, did you end up dreading them again,..) or from the people that already had bangs when they started their dreads (pictures would be really helpful since I'm not too sure what I'm going for here) Yes? Please? :)

to not make it a text-only post:
meine HarenCollapse )

merci in advance :)

hilly xx

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[11 Jun 2005|01:51pm]
I cannot for the life of me find a list of specific products that are geared towards backcombing dreads. Going out shortly to pick up the materials.. could you guys recommend products that are easily found? (at a big-box retail joint, for example)

Thanks a bunch
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sorry i just had to say it! [11 Jun 2005|03:22pm]
i would just like to say that i LOVE this community! not only b/c everyone here is so nice and wonderful, but that all the girls are soo freaking beautiful! i love you all!

there blurry, but thats how i like it ;)Collapse )
p.s. i am not saying i'm hot.
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[11 Jun 2005|06:40pm]
good morningmessy dreadsCollapse )
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[11 Jun 2005|09:05pm]
almost 7 months and still counting =)Collapse )
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embarrasing comeback tour [11 Jun 2005|11:18pm]
seeing as i havent posted in a million years it might be worth telling a story about what ive been doing with my time

mainly, laying in bed with my girlfriend after a night of sleep and gently palm rolling the ends of her georgous long straight hair that has since been tussled by a night of extracurricular activities into tiny dread children then when she wakes up i get thoroughly scolded and she threatens me with the brush or scissors

tonnes of funne

that and i work a billion days a week on an organic farm in southern md and have also recently started catering for the lamest catering company in the world

pictures will appear once i kipnap a yuppie with a digital camera


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