June 12th, 2005

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Hi :)
I've been watching this community for a very long time & have always longed for dreads, but it was never the right time.
Now, I suddenly just want to do them this week.

1. Does anyone in this community live in Louisville, Kentucky (or nearby) who might want to help me start them? Two of my friends offered to help, but none of us have done this before & I'm not sure how well this might turn out.

2. Knottyboy.com kinda makes it sound like if you don't use their wax, your dreads will be a failure. I would order it, but I'm not sure if I want to wait for it to come in. Is there any other similar product that I could buy at a drugstore, Sally's Beauty Supply, Whole Foods Market, etc.?

3. I might want to dye my dreads pink later. How hard is it to bleach/dye dreads?

Sorry if any of these questions have been answered in the memories; I tried to read through all of them, but I didn't really get many direct answers for these specific questions.
Thanks for your help; I appreciate it :)
& hopefully I can soon post some pictures of my own.
<3 jinee
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Thanks so much for the help in the last entry,

I bought the supplies yesterday (including Knotty Boy wax) and have been backcombing all morning. They are tangled to the point of being difficult/impossible to run fingers through.. I have then taken the wax and rolled them (like braids?) but they do not seem anything like dreads. In fact, my hair seems waxy, and nothing but!

Is there something I am doing wrong, or should know? Do the dreads need to be extremely thin? I would like thick locks but my hair is only 7 inches long.

Thanks again!


I'm always afraid of my hair smelling bad, so [almost] every morning I'll spray this Calgon body spray stuff around my head. But, it's hot out now, and I don't want to be sweaty and sweet because mosquitoes <3 that shit.

So if I were to mix some water and lemon juice and a little citronella bug spray into a little spray bottle, would that be an Acceptable Experiment or Kind of Stupid?

Any other ideas?
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hair dye? mold? shampoo?

I took a shower earlier today, and discovered a forgotten soapy spot on the top of my head. I rinsed it out in the sink and after I squeezed it dry in a towel, I noticed dark brown or black marks left in the towel.

I've squeezed out as much of the dark stuff I poked around a little.. This is a tight dread and I can't pull it open very much, but there's a bunch of filmy-feeling stuff. When I scraped the hair with my finger I get black much under my nail.

I've removed what I've discovered so far. Wondering what you think it is. This is a lock I dyed black several months ago. Could be dye stuck in a spot it was never meant to be. Since it was still wet I was thinking maybe my shampoo (some dr bronners) was being weird. I don't think it is mold because I don't wash my hair very often -- at the most every two or three days -- and don't go to bed with wet hair.

Now I've pulled another piece of this lock apart and found some whitish filmy gunk that comes off on my fingers black. This be mold?

Help. I can cut most of this one off if it's a good idea.

edit: I'm going back into the shower to thoroughly rinse the suds out of the center. Note to kids with thin dreads: fatties are troublesome.


So, last weekend 75 family members were at my house for my parent's 25th wedding anniversary, 2 1/2 weeks after dreads.

Cue "Rats tails" "rastafari" "hippie" and while none of those are insulting, they are annoying. My cousin kept talking to me in this Jamacan accent...which was funny, but annoying, not insulting.

I tried to explain that the reason I did them was because I love the way they look and this type of change meant a lot to me personally, of course that didn't help! When strangers pull this, I can just shoot back with something, but it's family, I gotta be nice about it.

My uncle and new aunt got married in Iceland 3 months ago and had the wedding reception here today (we waited until the cousins from New Zealand came) and cue MORE "I have a scissors, I'll take care of that" stuff.

Although some dude showed up with dreads...and no one bothered him! He was the son of my uncle's neighbor, no one knew him. If I wasn't so busy I would have said HI but I was sooo busy. His were nice. Not very tight, still newish looking...looked backcombed without wax....yummy!

Anyway, needed to vent here. I know I can't quell my family taunts, but I felt a little less alone today :)
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I need to redye my hair soon. XD

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One more kinda off topic thing. I might be moving to Louisville, Kentucky soon. If things go well. How many of you live around there, and can I expect the same redneck "hurr hurr you have nigger hair!" shit that I've come to expect from the general Arkansas population?
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