June 14th, 2005

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I've just been to the Metal Hammer awards!!!

I'm still rather drunk so this post might go all wrong, but here are some photos:

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Me with LEMMY!!!!!!!!! at the aftershow party. Motorhead are my favourite band ever, so this is amazingggggg

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this is not mine.

i found it on oxbowschool.org, it's by one of the counselors of their summer camp. i just thought it was awesome, and you would all enjoy it. (it reminds me of my locks.)

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Q about curly hair...

I looked in memories and didn't see anything about this: My question is, when starting dreads with curly hair, will your hair become shorter or longer? I had dreads before, and didn't see a big chnage in length, though they did seem to be straighter. thanks--sorry if I missed this question in the memories.

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[12:15] <crank2319> I SEE YOU.
[12:15] <crank2319> *drip*
[12:15] <crank2319> :D
[12:16] <dreadcookie> who?
[12:16] <crank2319> your favorite girlie :D
[12:16] <dreadcookie> .. lish?
[12:16] <crank2319> don't make me flip red dreads in your face to prove it!
[12:16] <dreadcookie> :D :D :D
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For those of you in university/college/post-secondary education, what are you studying?

I'm an English Major With a Minor in French and Gender Studies (Aka, Women's Studies).
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dreadie decorations

Besides peyote stitches and beads, what do you folks like to decorate your dreads with? (i.e. shells, colored thread--how did you do this?--bottle caps, nuts and bolts, blah blah blah)

(Not really talking accessories like tams, there was a post or two like that in the memories)

ok go.

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Some dread pictures.

I cut the tips off of them a few weeks ago. I've always wanted my dreads to have rounded tips on them, and I was going to wait until they got a little longer until I snipped them, but I went for the plunge, and now they look a lot neater, and better, imo.


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while browsing around on myspace, i gave a look at the dreadlock group im in on there. and hey! what do you know, there were several new posts in the group. so giving a looksee, i noticed one entitled "good ole dreadlocks". thinking maybe itll be an iteresting story or thought, i gave it a click. and heres what this person had to say...

"Posted: Jun 8, 2005 5:09 AM


dreadlocks are a symbol of the rastifarian religion. to the rastifari, dreadlocks is a religous sacrement. white people, especially those who call themselves rastifari so they can smoke weed "ritually" and grow their hair long, for no reason other than to "smoke weed "ritually" and grow their hair long", is irresponsible and disrespectful. Rastas rock dreads. not white middle class kids. have some respect. "

and i felt that i should paste in GUDU along with my personal opinion of...

what the eff? where did this cool guy get his ideas, opinions and theories??
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i made the tiniest dread today!

there were some loose hairs sticking out of my hat at work, so i started idly rolling them together. whaddya know, i guess there were JUST enough to knot. i don't know how long it'll last before i get annoyed & sew it into one of my happy nape locks, but for now i'm rocking THE TINIEST DREAD SO CUTE OMG SO TINY OMG!@!#@

do you guys think i should use the tiniest bit of wax on it? :D (rhetorical joke question! don't answer! no wax debates!)