June 16th, 2005

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dyeing faq

ok, i think i've decided to go ahead & write you guys a complete "how to color your dreads" text along the lines of other texts i've written. aside from the obvious "how to bleach"/"how to dye" step-by-step instructions, what else would you guys want to see covered in this? comment or email if anything comes to mind.

I'm all aggro and shit

I'm getting super frustrated with my locks!
I went the natural route, so no manipulation whatsover. Anyway, its been almost two years and its still a fucking mess. I want to put things in my locks, like wraps or maybe some cool beads or bells but it looks dumb because my locks arent finished. Not that you cant put stuff in unfinished locks, but on me it doesnt look right. Anyway, my ends are not dreades at all. Some have an inch of loose hair and others have 3-4 inches of undreaded ends and it's driving me NUTS.
So my question is for you natural folks or for anyone who knows.
How long does it take for the ends to dread? Should I just cut the ends? The problem with cutting the ends is that my hair will be all different lengths.
My hair is totally annoying me. Some of my locks are gigantic and I have to use a skinny headband to put my hair up because any size ponytail holders arent enough. But, because the ends arent dreaded, it looks dumb.
I am getting so sick of it. I would like to just put them in a tam and forget about it but I can never find one that I like and that I feel comfortable wearing. I'm on the verge of cutting it all off.
Sorry that I dont have recent pics.

Soooo, any advice?
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Hi, I was formally lj user bythewaterside (but that account got hacked into. Pfft.). I cut my dreads off about a month ago today. They didn't feel quite right at the time for a spectrum of personal reasons, even after 6 months, and I wasn't really liking the fact that they were formed with wax, which caused my face to break out and was unpleasant to me.

My short hair in the time I've had it now has been brushed a total of maybe 5 times now; each time feeling wrong. I finally threw my comb away the other day, to learn to let go, to trust my body again to do it's own thing. When left alone, my hair forms little clumps, and even natty roots deep near the scalp, despite its straightness, which had always worried me thinking I couldn't dread my hair naturally. That backcombing, waxing, and vigurous maintence were a necessity. To my suprise and excitement, I've been proven wrong yet again. Grow, dreadies, grow. :)

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well a couple of months ago i sort of had dreads. at least it looked like i did. really what happened was i don't like to wash my hair too often (until now because my mom threatens me...) but yeah, i had but a bunch of hairspray in my hair along with some other holding products. my hair got wet in the rain one day and i kind of just left it that way for a while. ended up looking like dreads but that was a while ago. if only my hair could be that way again.. i don't like straight hair much on me.. i really want to get dreads, REAL ones this time. haha. i think my mom will kill me though so i'll have to wait until i'm eighteen. at least then i can use that as an excuse.

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I've been following this community for over a month, and you kids have been entertaining, informative, and absolutely fascinating. Encouraged by your beautiful pictures and the promise of not having to tear a brush though my hair again, I back-combed my hair until my arms were aching. Now, I have this wonderful poofy mess of baby dreadlocks all over my head. I understand that it's polite for the new kid to post a picture, but the camera has suffered the wrath of two very curious ferrets. You have my sincere apologies, and I will do my best to remedy the situation. I just wanted to say hello and thank you for helping me along the road to knappiness.
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Ahhh. I hate my hair right now.
They're around 2 months old.
I wash them every other two days or so with Jason's TeaTree shampoo.
Though, they are hardening, they are also really lumpy. And loose some at the roots.

I wouldn't give up on them though. Everrr. I enjoy the feathers and bells I can stick in em, too much.

Eee. I wish I could show you guys. ;/


Hey, guys. Just washed the dreads and they feel all happy. ..and frizzy too. Anyways, today was my day off from school and work, so I got bored around the apartment and took some photos ^_^ Every once in a while I think of dying them pink... any feedback?

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Oh how I long for thick, curly hair that would dread in an instant. I think Im about ready to offer to pay someone to sit down with my head for a few hours to clean it all up. Ive tried to employ my husband on more than one occation, but he dreaded it originally and didnt quite know what he was in for then (16 hours later he vowed never to help me with my hair again...). Anyone in the detroit/chicago area who can do a good job want to give it a go? Im looking for lots of crocheting and then a little sewing at the tips so that we can snip a bit of the extra hair at the bottom off and get more put-together, tight tips.

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Hey everyone.. quick question..
my dreads are now about 10 months old and...they feel really crunchy and stiff...unlike the tips

Is there anything i can use to make them feel 'softer' and more loose? I think it may be because i started out using wax and now its all stuck in there? Any ideas? thanks a bunch