June 17th, 2005



So recently I heard of a woman around here who dreads hair by crocheting? Apparently you dont lose length, and there is no wax involved. Sounds too good to be true. Anyone familiar with this??
Also, I was wondering how many of you skipped out on the wax part when you dreaded your hair? I've dreaded my hair twice in my life and ended up taking them out. Both times I really think the wax made things worse more than it did make them better. I used DreadHead wax by the way. Petrolatum free. I'm just trying to find a way around the wax, because so far I havent had good luck with it. Thanks guys!
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Since you all made dreadlock timelines and a couple of you wanted to see some piccies I thought, what the hey, it's about time I got my arse in gear and made a timeline. Be warned there is alot of pictures, and I mean alot!
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chicago dreadheads!

as you may or may not be aware, it looks like i'm coming to chicago in late august to hang out with & do some maintenance on kawaiinose & joyful__girl. i lived in bloomington-normal for four years, so i will likely be crashing there & not in the city proper. sic737 may be accompanying me, we will likely stay at quarex's apartment, have a big party at swisspope's place, & spend time with a lot of really fun idiot friends of mine in the midwest.

HOW YOU COME IN: kawaiinose & joyful__girl & i are interested in meeting other people! however, we are NOT interested in hanging out with people that are dumb/needy/lame/whatever, which happens when you say "party at x location, everyone come". so if you're in the champaign/blormal/chicago area & would like to hang out with us, comment here & we will let you know details. (chances are if you're a regular poster here, that's fine, but there are a lot of people who NEVER comment or post who we obviously have no desire to hang out with or randomly meet.)

i will also have available time to do maintenance or start dreads on other people. i don't charge much (& i'll work on barter), so if you love my dreads, this could be your chance to use my skills on your head. :D

comment with interest/questions/ponies!

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Gosh, I find myself OBBESSED with dreads these days!

No, I am leaving mine alone...I just see sooooo many people who would look so good with dreads. Some of my co-workers would just rock them like no one's business. One is kinda thinking about it now, and wants me to do them. But I told her to research the hell out of them, read this community, and come back to me in a while (mine were a 5 year consideration process).

I mean, it gets kinda sad when all I can do is picutre certain people around me with dreadies :)
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southwest massachusetts-area dreadheads!

while i'm cluttering up the community with my travel plans...

i just made flight reservations for hitting the berkshires of massachusetts in early july. this is a business trip, so i won't have a ton of free time, but if anyone lives in the area & wants to get together some night, comment here & we'll see what's going on. (as i said, i can do maintenance or start dreads for those interested, & i don't charge much/can work on barter. see my other post for more details.)

Funny story

So yesterday I managed to stab myself with a flea comb. One of the metal prongs went under my nail, pretty deep. OK, so that's not funny. So anywho, today at work my boss asks me what happened. So I told him and he replies "I always knew you had fleas" (P.S I hate this guy he's always been a dick to me and called me fat and other names) so I replied "Yeah I got them from your wife"

Melissa: 1
Boss: 0

Looks like today I win, tommorow is another story.

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I've had my synthetic(plus the odd real one) dreads in for a looooong time..(since march) but i do beleive its been longer then their suppose to be in there. (does that make sense?) Anyways.. ive been told by pretty much everyone that they look real and that they feel like steel wool..god bless their souls..

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kicks up


whats the craziest thing u found in ur dreads ?!

i just found a baby bud of weed on the tip of mines today.
...i had a wild night. but i STILL cannot explain how it got there .

Hail Hitler?????

Okay, some typical redneck cowboys walk into ye olde pet shop (or PetCo, but whatever) and demand some assistance with the mice.  My manager pages Francine over by name (who is my best friend in the world and the coolest, sweetest thing in the world) to assist them.


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Customers suck when they make you cry and afraid for your life, literally.

fivecentschange and customers_suck (crossposted)