June 21st, 2005

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have any of you been asked the question, "how long did it take to get your hair like that?" or anything similar?

how would you answer this question?

would you go with however long you've had your locks, or how long the initial process took?

whenever i am asked this i stumble over my words because i really don't know how to answer it, which then makes me feel like a fool. and i'm constantly switching up the way i answer it.

[i'm asked this question way too often, i think]


Earlier this morning I was in line at the grocery store when I felt a little tug on the back of my head. I figured it was one of my friends being stupid and pulling on my dreads. So, I turn around expecting to see someone I know, and what do I find? A little old lady standing there staring at me. Our conversation went a little something like this:

me: "Umm... did you just pull my hair?"
old lady: "Yes, I thought it was a wig and I wanted to feel it."

gee thanks, old lady! so you were just going to pull my "wig" right off my head in the middle of Publix?!

haha. just thought i'd share with you all, because I'm sure you've all had silimar/weird comments made to you. off to the beach I go...

- Jenny J :)
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From Adams Navel- A natural and Cultural History of THE HUMAN FORM

"The Ras in Rastafarian is a title meaning "prince". Born in Ethiopia in 1892, Lij Tafari Makonnen became Haile Selassie upon his coronation as emperor in 1930. Only the year before, Marcus Garvey, the head of the Universal Negro Improvement Association, had predicted that soon a leader would arise in Ethiopia. With one of Africa's longest recorded histories, Ethiopia claims that its government traces all the way back to King Menelik I, who ruled in the eleventh century B.C.E. and who supposedly was the son of Sheba and Solomon. Believers consider Ras Tafari to have been a lineal descendant of this colorful pair. Such a genealogy would be a fulfillment of the Old Testament promise that, in due couse, a Redeemer would arise from the house of David. Rastafarians as an ambilalent relationship with the bible. For example, they consider the story of the Hebrews' years of slavery to be the deliberatly corrupted and misrepresented history of the black races, but they find in the Naxirite tradition the divine rationale for dreadlocks.
Few hairstyles are as dramatic. Although they are no longer as politically charges as when they first appeared, the long, wild looking locks are still regarded by many as a symbol of political unity and ethnic pride. Like Christianity, Rastafarianism grew out of the dreams of an oppressed people. It promised deliverance, in the form of a millennarian repatriation to "Zion" (Ethiopia); authorized use of ganja (marijuana) as a sacramental tool of enlightenment; and offered the possibility of a group identity, not least with its signature hairstyle.
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I work at starbucks. 95% of the time I have my hair back in a ponytail and people dont even notice that its different. Sometimes I wear it in pigtails though and then I almost always get comments.
Usually they're positive, or curious. I had a snotty like 14 year old cheerleader girl ask me in all seriousness if I was "scared" to take my hair out. I had no idea what on earth she meant. I asked her and she said "I mean, well, its like kind of tangled, arnt you scared to take it out." I told her Id cut it out and left it at that. People are weird.
The other day this woman came in and asked
"Ooooooo! Who does your hair?!?" (I was tempted to say lishd for good measure!)
I told her that my husband did it and she asked me how long till they came out.
I asked her what she meant and she said that she was a hairstlist and she was just curious how long it would be until they came out.
I told her that they dont 'come out' and that I had had them for nearly a year and a half now, but I know of some poeple who have them for upwards toward 15 years.
She argued with me! She said that she had never heard of them staying in for longer that 6 months!
I finally said "My hair is in dreadlocks."
beceause I couldnt figure out what on earth she was talking about? Braids maybe?
And she snottily said "Yea, I know."
I finally just told her that she was misinformed, that dreadlocks dont "come out", that you have to cut them out if you dont want them anymore.
She looked at my head and said "I see yours are coming out already at the top."
I rolled my eyes, handed her her fucking latte or whatever she ordered, told her to have a great day and she got in her lexus and drove away.
Thanks lady for the lesson in dreadlocks. Why dont you go frost a few more tips and do a few more heads of highlights. Obviously you're the source when it comes to dreads.

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Well I've been out of town for awhile and I've missed out on so much! I was trying to go back and see what's been going on in this community over the past few week.

HOLY FUCKIN SHIT. Like everyone and their mother cut their dreads off!!!!

Well I didn't and I haven't whored it up in awhile so I did today just for you all.

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Almost all of the dreads my friend did are starting to unravel, literally! Giant loops poking out of all of them, smooth as my regular hair was. I'm doing saltwater treatments and started to backcomb them again. I think she just did a shitty job because all the ones I did in the front are knotting great!

Any advice?

henna dye...current....BLECH

presently sitting with this green goop on my head
sposed to make my little reddish dreadies a lil happier i guess. i had it in my drawer, and it was raining out, and i was bored, so. greeen goopy hair is what i have for...another 23 minutes.

i reeeeallly hope i dont end up with GREEEN HAIR.
that could be fun too :O

la la laaaa

who says short dreads cant have fun!
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Mural in NYC

Swimming in NM

I didn't see this covered in the memories, so here we go.

1) Bad for dreads, right?
2) Can I do anything nice for them if I'm gonna go swimming in a pool?
3) A shout out to any dread heads livin in New Mexico who also have to contend with the utter lack of beaches here.