June 23rd, 2005

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Recent-ish pictures

I haven't posted in awhile, so i figured I post a few pictures i took last week. Nothing new really with my hair. I've been ignoring it a lot lately, other than washing it a lot more than usual.
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Everyone's locks have been looking really good lately. Keep growing, don't cut!
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I love seeing people's pictures and posts in this community. It's so interesting because you recognize so many people's user names and its almost like we've grown up together. Grown our dreads together in a way I suppose and it's so interesting to see other people's dreads who started thiers about the same time I did and watch thiers get better as mine too (same goes with everyone else too though, ours all get tighter and more fantastic with every day).

It really is the most interesting and I want to say, close knit community I am involved in. I love it, i love you all. :)

Opinions for a second Moderator.

I found our other moderator, robotparade who has been missing for at least a few months. She's fine and dandy. But unfortunately she doesn't have the time or the computer access to be extensively involved in managing a community. So we both decided that maybe she should step down as moderator. We love robotparade and we hope she finds time to drop in and say hello!

But... that leaves us with a spot to fill. I'm not always online. And sometimes I'd like a second opinion on issues that arise here. It would be nice to have someone to brain storm with. So I'm thinking about adding a second moderator to the community.

Feel free to nominate anyone you like below. This is just for me to get an idea of who to ask and who you guys think is fit for the job. Feel free to nominate yourselves as well. Give me a little bit of info on why that person would make a good moderator. Like two sentences. I want you to understand, however. THIS IS NOT A POPULARITY CONTEST. Your favorite user may or may not be a good moderator. I need someone I can trust, who doesn't start drama, who is a peacemaker and hopefully someone who loves get_up_dread_up.

All comments have been screened and will be read by only me. But please remember that these are suggestions, not votes. I reserve the right to pick whoever I like since I'm the one who'll end up arguing with them.

Thanks for your time.

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Hey kids--if anyone is looking for a bit more stylish variety concerning cheap dreadbands:

go to your local craft store (or walmart if you don't totally hate them/are on a mean budget) or any fabric store; look through their remnants bin and:::: VOILA!!! All sorts of crazy patterns and colors and textures. I don't have dreads right now but I wear the cloth remnants like a dreadband/headband? and it's awesome. It even looks good with short hair. YAY!!!

Just thought I'd share, even though it might me a "yeah, DUH" sort of thing.


i'm here...saying hello!!

hey...i've been around. i bet not many of you remember me. i comment every now and then and post infrequently. i think i've spoken to some of you on AIM. (and thanx! for IMing me...)

well, just checking in at GUDU (in reality, i check in every day). it's been awhile...the babies have grown...i'm impatient for my hair to grow because i can't stand the length...i have lots of stay hairs and many of my ends are loose, although many of my ends have rounded quite nicely and my roots are pretty strong. i wish my dreads were more defined and a little fatter. and i wish i had MORE. i only have 40!! but i still love them. i think i'm going to braid the loose ends...just to play with them a little. i don't feel like twist and ripping or rubber them today.

anyway, have a great day!

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Hey it's been a while since..well since i've done anything here. so i thought it was high time for some fotos to go up. Has anyone ever used KnottyBoy's LockSteady stuff? it works miracles! haha. i put some of it in my hair the other day, first time i've put anything in my hair in almost two years. and it was fantastic. haha.


its me at a business meeting haha. do you like how i dress up so well..

dreadlove yall

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Hello! ^.^ I'm a former-dreadhead and I have a friend that makes peyote beaded dread sleeves. And I looked in the memories to see if you guys put some place to sell dread beads and whatnot, but there was non there.

So, where would be a good place to sell these? Hopefully an Alt-dreadhead-hemp related community would be awesome. Thanks!

Summer time, and the living's easy...

Hey everyone. I decided to document my day at the beach today to share with you all. I'm posting this in hopes that all you landlocked people out there can live vicariously through my pictures and feel like you were right there with me :)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I used a disposable camera, so the pictures aren't the best quality. I didn't want to take my digital to the beach... with the sand and the water and all... yeah.

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And now I must go rest my eyes, they are burning from the salt water.
It's a beautiful burn, know what I mean...

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I'm dreading my little brother's hair right now. I'm pretty sure that we're doing it right (he bought a Knotty Boy kit and we're following the instructions) but I was wondering if you guys had any tips or whatever.

thanks in advance