June 28th, 2005


The making of a computer nerd.

Well, I finally got around to making a Myspace profile. www.myspace.com/jennyherself I don't know how to post it as a link, sorry :/

who else out there has one...?

and this is totally off topic, but I just want to say how much I miss the days when Brandon Boyd looked like Collapse )

but oh well, he's still the sexiest man ever.
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funny thing happened today: as I uploaded a picture onto Deviantart, I got this comment:
"Interesting point of view on dreadlocks, looks really clean and I really like the mouth"

I don't quite get what she meant by that. What point of view? It's just a picture to me.
Did I present my locks in some kind of way? Anyone? :p

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y'all behave now.
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All right kiddies....

for the boston meetup,

how does saturday july 16th sound?

we could meet at like, the park street T stop and get lunch and wander around for a while or something.

any other suggestions for places?
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Well, it's kinda time for me to introduce myself. I have been reading here for God know's how long, doubting about dreading my hair again. The last time wasn't a great succes, so I was worried.

But right now, I keep falling even more in love with my dreads and they feel so natural for me to have. Don't know what it is, but it's goooooood!

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Hope you liked me!

Collectors Item

Hey dudes..
well Im cutting my dreads off next week (waiting for the new moon)
because well, I thought Id give short hair a try, and its just gut feeling., ya know?
I will probably still come and say hi because you are all so gorgeous, am I right? yes yes.
BUT, here is my point, I know some of you have dread collections (lish, I know you do) or are starting one or well : anybody want a dreadlock?
All the way from Mexico : fun!

hah.. well, I just dont want to chuck all of them out, they must live on.
I dont have any new pics because I dont have a digi cam, but Ill post some old ones just so you can say yay or nay.



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snake LOVE... haha yeah.

Okay, so in one of the threads in my last post, the great dread sage (duh, lishd!!) said something about pictures of her snake.

I've been waaaiiittiiing for her to post the pictures (she said she'll put 'em up when she has a chance to edit them)... but apparently I'm not very patient.

So I got out one of my snakes, Raistlin (haha, anyone ever read the Dragonlance books?), and took pics with him. He's an albino burmese python.

I had wanted to take pics with Syn, my hog island / columbian (mixed) boa constrictor... but when I reached in to get her, she bit me for the first time (bloody snake-bite pics included! haha). So I decided it would probably be better to leave her alone tonight. :/
And she didn't really bite me bite me, it was more like just an open-mouth strike, she hit two of my fingers with her teeth, and didn't even lock onto me or anything. Just hit me with her teeth and pulled back.
It was weird, she's never shown any signs of aggression towards me. Most likely , I just caught her off guard somehow. Though I swear she saw me.. I've included a few pics of her, anyway. She's beautiful, and it's a necessity to see her. Or you'll die. You can't survive without her. :D

On to the PICS!!! (sorry for those of you with slow computers... um, there's like a bazillion pics under the cut! the snakes are just THAT cool! lol) Please just be patient!!

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Anyone else keep snakes? Or any other "unusual" kind of pet? Let's see!! :D
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as requested

this is my snake, braeden. if he seems familiar, it's because i shared photos of him during the cat-heavy "pose with your pets" theme week a few months ago. he's a diamond-carpet python, about five feet long now, & he'll weigh around thirty-five pounds when he's done growing.

for unknown reasons, he has always enjoyed climbing on my head.

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(for less snake-centric dreads photos, see this post.)