June 29th, 2005


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do you ever feel like all of a sudden, your dreads just become... awesome? over the course of only a couple weeks?

they've been so awkward for so long, and the other day i just realized how nice they've become.

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Well hello, hello

i have been lurking and have decided to make a post.

my name is natasha(26) from manitoba Canada
I am knot free at the moment. But am in the works of finding a nice friend to do my backcombing. (which is really hard to find....lol)

My only question that i have at the moment is type of combs.
I just purchased the regular goody brand parting combs (half comb half pick), will they be strong enough for backcombing?

(Once i get the knots done i will post pics ^_^)

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So far I have a little under half of my human hair dread extensions sewn in. One has fallen out, but it was sewn in tighter and with more skill as I went along so its all working out fine. I'm just worried about dying them once I get them all in because store bought human hair is typically extrememly chemically treated.

Before weird picture.
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Right now so far.
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Yours Truly,

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Ok so, my dreads are knotting together (as in 2 dreads trying to become 1) and i don't really want that to happen sooo... How do you guys keep this from happening?

Right now there's only one pair of dreads that's REALLY bad, like i-think-it-might-be-beyond-repair bad. so i'm thinking i'll have to cut those apart. but i don't like cutting, so any advice on keeping dreads from growing together? and what to do when they start to do that?

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heyy, im from mid michigan (Grand Blanc - Just a bit south of Flint) and i really need some new beads, i cannot find anywhere around here that has even a half assed selection, im willing to drive about an hour to get some really good beads, or pretty much anywhere in mid michigan, if anybody knows of any good places, please let me know. It would be greatly appreciated.

Also, if anybody knows anywhere in downtown chicago that would be very helpful also, sense i do start college over there at the end of august. Thanks again.

possibly an un-answerable bleaching and dyeing question....

Has anyone ever tried to dye over bleached dreads? I like my blonde dreads and all, but I'm getting very sick of breaking out the Maxi-Blonde every three/four weeks, and I'm getting worried about the damage I'm doing to my hair. I'd like to go back to my natural dirt brown because, as boring as it is, it's extremely low-maintenance and ok for work. I'd dye them pink or blue if I could, but even we art teachers can't get away with that where I work. :( Collapse )

While I don't think I was nearly as stupid with the bleach this time around, I can't be sure. Is there anything that can be done besides buying some black or burgundy SFX? I really, really don't want black hair again.....
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i've been thinking

i've always wanted dreads. i think they are so beautiful and i think i've finally decided to go ahead and do them now since it's summer. so, i have a couple of questions:
1. what is the best technique for getting dreads?
2. when/ if i want to take them out..is there any other way than cutting them?
3. my hair is currently dyed black..should i get it back to a light brown/ blonde color before i dread or keep them black?
4. can you color dreads?
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thanks in advance.
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