June 30th, 2005

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You guys ever have a problem with baby hairs dreading up? I got issues with a few baby locks, they curl like a mofo. I'm also a little bit concerned about how curly my dreads are... When I try to rebackcomb they feel pretty knotty, but they still curl like my hair likes to do... Any thoughts/suggestions appreciated.
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Hello, I've never posted before. My name is Kara.
Thanks to iwannabeemotoo, I've slowly become more obsessed with dreadlocks. I decided several months ago that I was going to let them form naturally. I stopped combing my hair, and started washing it with Dr. Bronners. My hair has been clumping together quite nicely.
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I'm really in no hurry (I want my hair to grow a bit more before it really dreads up), which is good because I know it's a hella long process. However, I've been noticing a couple small pieces dreading in back.
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You probably can't see it well in the picture, but that one is knotting up very well. There are about three little ones, but that's the best one. I wish the picture showed it better. :) Anyway, I'm just excited, and I wanted to share.
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much-needed first aid for my dreadies...

michael (boyfriend) superglued my tips when he did my dreads. i didn't care at the time. 2 weeks went by, and i was really annoyed with them. he didn't want me to cut them off, he completely advised against it. he's done dreads 5 times before mine, and he'd always superglued the tips. he said everything was fine when he did that. anyway.

so i finally got around to cutting the spuerglued tips off... gah, i've just hated them recently! and it did look really weird (ha, if anyone actually noticed it in the pics, besides lish)..

so.. took pics during the process, some before and after shots, and all the little superglued tips cut off..

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gods i think they look SOOOO much nicer now!!

that made me feel really good for some reason. :D
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ok, i'm sorry for posting 2 days in a row :(

but i JUST got out of the shower, and my dreadys are soaking wet, but they're sticking out and they looked cute :) and i washed them (3rd time now) with sunlight dishsoap. it makes them smell soo yummy, and no residues! :)

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i'll stop now...*feels guilty*
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The joys of living in Florida :)

As you've seen by my pitiful ponytail picture I posted awhile ago, my hair isn't quite long enough to stay back in a rubber band :( It's so hot outside on Florida summer days that sometimes I can't stand feeling my dreads on my neck. So thanks to the industrial size bobby pins from Publix, I finally figured out a way to keep my hair up! I just randomly grabbed chunks of dreads, twisted them, and pinned the ends to my head. Collapse )

have a good day everyone :)
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the tshirt contest

i have a great idea for our tshirt contest, & i need help from anyone who is willing to take a photo that i can use to create my design. here's what i need:

one per person: a 300dpi high-quality jpeg image of your head & hair, 3/4 view from the left side of your face.

in clearer terms: face your camera, then turn a couple inches to the right so your left side is photographed. take the largest resolution photo your camera will do. try to make it clear with good lighting. then, if you know how, go into your photo editing software & convert your image to 300dpi with either the height or the width at around 7 inches. if you don't know what "300dpi" means, don't sweat it, just send the best & largest image that you can (under 2-3 megs in size, i don't need ginormous photos to accomplish what i'm imagining).

if you prefer, you COULD shoot your right side, but know that i'll mirror the image in my design.

responses to crank@got.net, please. thanks!


Hi! I'm new here, and still in awe of everyone:)
My dreads are about 4 months old now, and getting
tighter each day..I've been going through my "dread love"
stage, where they're just making me really happy..even when
they look their messiest, i love them for what they are.
I had dreads for about 14 months a couple years back, but
for some odd reason (climate i believe) when I moved from
Ireland to the states, my hair just got funky and was always greasy
and full of dandruff (which i never had a HUGE problem with), despite
everything i tried, so I cut most of them off and brushed out the remains,
because they began to look extremely neglected and sad no matter what I tried. But after
about 4 months in Florida my hair/scalp adjusted I guess because it's
returned to its previous state. I missed having my knots so much, so it was time to start again. If i had only been patient after the move....they'd be So long by now. oh well:) I'm really happy to have found such a wonderful community full of great people!

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