July 1st, 2005

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all right... if i show you the pictures... will you all PROMISE me you'll never ride your bike when you're trashed?

it's strange, because this is the first time i've overestimated myself.

and goddamnit, now i'm gonna have a nice big scar on my face.


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hey hey,

It is said that i have to update more from me hehe...I you want that to be a regular thiny you have to remind me...otherwise i am only drooling over your pictures.

I am really doubting what to do with the color of my hair?
I is now pink but its already almost 4 months pink and i am up for something new...i am thinking to go to my naturel color and that is close to black zo its than from pink to black a big switch!! (And black is not really a happy color)

euhm...give me ideas!!

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So yeh, last night i managed to drop a bottle of nail varnish remover on the floor... as it hit the floor (with no lid on might i add) the contents of the bottle shot out and LOADS of it splashed in BOTH my eyes and some went in my mouth. It was so scary, I thought i was going blind, and it felt like my eyes were disolving.

Anyway, i thought i'd share my random story haha, totally non dread related... but never mind :)

So i decided to post some pics, just because of my new appreciation for life, after my near death experience...

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more lish vacationing

somehow i am now also coming to santa cruz CA this summer, on top of my upcoming trips to western MA, eastern PA/NJ, & central IL.

so, anyone who lives in the area & wants me to work on their hair, let me know ASAP. (i'm looking at you, nocreamcorn.)
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