July 4th, 2005


well, as it turns out (i just discovered), I'm busy the weekend of the 15-16....

does anyone else want to take control for organizing a boston meetup?

it can still be then, i just can't make it. grar!!!!
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Last Tuesday was my dread apointment with sneeko .  I wanted to tell you all about it then but I waited until she had e-mailed me some pictures.  This is basically after the moment she was done dreading my hair.  It's been almost a week now and I have quite a bit of fuzz.  Tomorrow after my first hair washing I will palm roll each and every dread.  I've already fallen in love with them.  I just hope they can mature to be as beautiful as everyone else's I see on here.  If you'd like to read about my dread expiernce you can do so here in my personal journal >  http://www.livejournal.com/users/childofdecember/2569.html 

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Ok so I finally got my dreads done.
I do not have wax and my hair is coming apart in some spots....can i use some kind of gel?
I have a really super heavy duty gel that can hold up 3 feet of hair.

im strapped for cash and would like to see these babies mature.

also pic will be posted later
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i made a new dread today. i had a nice chunk of loose hairs right on my hairline so while watching tv i just started rolling it around in my fingers and knotting it up. and low and behold i have the sweetest, fluffyest, softest, most adorable little dread right by my temple. makes my day a little brighter, hehe. :)
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i apologize for all my questions but i'm pretty clueless and very concerned about my dreads looking as good as I want them to.

the friend who's going to be doing my hair told me to section my hair off and braid it, and keep it in for the next few days til he dreads me up on wednesday. good idea?

i did it, and i've only got, like, 25 braids. i don't seem to have very much hair. is this going to look dumb? i believe i read that the actual dreads are going to be thicker than the braids, correct?
hear no

i knew it would be long, but this was a surprise...

my god, lish. i know your text says "be prepared to stay under the shower forever" (or words to that effect), but i didnt realise how long it would be! every time i managed to get the water running clear, i'd start drying it off in a towel and find yet another patch of SOLID dye. i even rinsed out every single dread separately, and still i keep finding patches. i think there must be a tiny gnome living on my scalp running round with a bag full of red dye, leaving little piles of it wherever i've just finished rinsing. the tips of my fingers are now a beautiful shade of pruple-red, thanks to my post-inexpert-rinsing discoveries.

the hair dye gnome must die. drowning obviously doesnt work. any ideas? :P

and to add insult to, uh, wetness, it turns out that l'oreal only makes one colour of red dye, but puts it in packets with various different pictures on the front. despite choosing one bright red (like i usually have), one very dark red and one ginger (which the packet said would be able to lighten my hair), i have ended up with a nice all-over burgundy. oh well.

what i'd really like is just 8 or so orange-y ones under the top layer, just to lift the colour a little as a whole. would a light bleach treatment do this, or is my hair too damaged now? dreads feel kinda solidround the outsides now, esp at the roots. i quite like it, but i dont want to melt it if i try dying again.

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I have been rubbing the ends of my dreads so they get all tangled up. The ends look much more rounded and it's made them quite a lot shorter. For now it looks pretty good but I'm a bit concerned it will all unravel and my sore finger ends will have been in vain.

Can anyone give me some idea if it might all go horribly wrong?

Thankyou, you wonderful beautiful people!