July 6th, 2005

thoughts on dreads

so an old friend of mine wrote a post yesterday about how
"white people" with dreads offended her and that we need to get our
own traditions rather then steal one's from other culture's.
then later she posted a link to this article which pretty much
repeated her thoughts in the post she wrote..

i wanna know what you all think ?
not to argue about it but to have a level minded

what do you think about this

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yeh, so i've lurked forever and finally decided to join. :) my babies are a little over a year old, au natural, never had anything on them but zest (yes, the soap. it worked?) & more recently dreadhq shampoo (a sweet donation from a former dreadhead).

the thing is, they're a bit... rough and tumble. they're not brittle, they're strong and i don't forsee them breaking, but... i want my head to feel like a stuffed animal, and not the cheap kind you win at the county fair (which is the state they're in now).

knotty boy has a new conditioning spray product that i'm mighty tempted buy. thing is, i've never used any knotty boy products. i know a bunch of folks here have used the wax, but what about anything else?
plus, well... they SAY it smells good, and that the smell lasts a long time (i thought fragrance=residue=bad?) but, i'm also afraid of smelling like trashy sunscreen.


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I keep dreaming that I've normal hair again. It's a bit scary but also good. In a way. Coz it makes me realise how much I hated my normal hair & how much I like my locks :)

Also: does anyone else in here cut the hairs in your neck? I once read here that someone cut theirs and decided to do it myself coz everyone had been giving me crap with their "look, you've got nothing but loose hairs, they're not even dreadlocks anymore, cut them" comments. After I cut it the comments stopped :) But it's also much easier, especially when it's hot and those hairs stick to your neck.

Also: whilst pulling out hair out of your front dreads in order to create some sort of bangs, expect some pain. Not on your head, but your fingers. You gotta really PULL coz that shit's TIIIGHT :p
(Or just cut out tiny bits & wait for a while 'til it grows longer)

I'm done sharing now, hehe,

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                                                            who here likes meshuggah?

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Just out of pure curiosity, are any of you religious? If so, what religion?

(not spiritual... but religious - and yes I believe there is a difference.)

For some reason, I have had quite a few people assume that I am a Christian because of my dreads. I'm not at all offended by that, but I am not a Christian. I suppose I am pleasantly agnostic. I just thought it was strange how they associated dreads with being a Christian. I have had quite a few people see my dreads and they'll come up to me and invite me to their church or Bible study. Like I said, it doesn't offend me at all, infact I think it's a nice gesture, but I guess I just find it kind of odd. Oh well :)

much <3 everyone - Jenny J
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'Ello! My first post, aww..
A little information: I do not have dreadlocks. I have in the past, and have always been very interested in the subject. Hell, maybe I'll have them again! But anyways, some questions..
When first creating dreadlocks, are rubberbands neccesary? Could cotton string or beads have the same affect?
Is there anything you can do to thicken dreadlocks? I know there's really no way of telling how your own dreads will come out, but is there a way to help make them nice and big?
I've searched through 'memories' and not seen anything on the subjects, but I am a bit drunk (sorry!!)
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i was here two years ago, almost to the day. i've since had loose hair that i have to straighten and use tons of product on every time i get it wet, and i'm sick of it. i'm sick of worrying and wondering if i look good enough. i missed my dreads and i miss not giving a shit what anyone thinks of me. so here i am, trying to heal, first day of my new dreadies. they are big, fluffy, and wild. i feel better.
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