July 8th, 2005

I creamed myself!

Mod Post!

Holy shit! Look at our new layout! Goddamn that's sexy. Are you enjoying it as much as I am? You can't possibly. I think my pants exploded.

get_up_dread_up thanks comatose for being so html-savvy.

In order to remain so super sexy beautiful, I need a little help from you guys. You'll notice that the entry boxes are made as large as possible in order to accommodate viewers using 800X600 screen resolutions. What does that mean? Well, if your picture is bigger than the entry box, it's an easy way to tell that it's too damn big. We didn't really enforce this before because the old layout was craptastic but this one is special. The kind you take home to mother, if you will. So even if it looks like the photo is small enough to fit on your browser, if it doesn't fit the entry boxes then it doesn't fit on everyone's browser. The Mod Squad will start deleting photos that are too large. Plus, it slows down the loading time for the community and everyone's friends pages. Yes, we want to see your face but please be respectful. Some people still use dial-up connections.

Anyway, I'm gonna go look at the new layout while touching myself.
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i keep commenting on posts and thought i'd make myself known in a post of my own.

shadow angelina.
26 years old.
new orleans, la.
had my dreads for 5 years.

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this is only half of my hair dreaded. my hair is extremely thick and when i had it all dreaded, it was completely unmanageable. i have a severe undercut that goes from the top of my head to my ears back and down. that has now grown into straight hair as long as the dreads.

my dreads tend to look different than most due to the fact that i 'crochet knotted' the entire length of each through the lock down process. it took forever but they have the tightness, movement and flexibility that i wanted so it was worth every moment. it was also a bit of a personal experience as i wanted the physical act to remind me of a mental and spiritual process of binding myself to myself. i also never nubbed off the ends, having a bit of an affection for medusa images, i liked the tapering willowy ends.

i adore them. i admit i can't wait to know what it feels like to have a bald head but i enjoy them immensely. my only complaint are the top of the head fuzzies that drive me wild.

im so bored!

ok so im kinda bored w/ my hair, i have had my hair every color in the rainbow, and to be honest i think im done w/ the wild colors, even though they rule! but i don't know what to do. should i leave it? i have a new bottle of dark red color but im not sure if i wana do it, should i do it all or just the blond chunks?
any ideas would be great!
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imagine my embarrasment when i washed my newly-shorn scalp for the first time and discovered i had residue buildup so thick, it covered my entire skull like a helmet. this shit was like damp chalk. it took ten minutes of picking through the layers to get it off. absolutely disgusting.

to further the experience, i got out of the shower and started investigating my dreads. what did i discover? hunks of flaking mold buried deep in the thickest ones.

oh, god.

shame. shame. shame on me.

let my raw scalp be a lesson to you all, although im sure not a single one of you has such poor hygiene as i.
Plead the FIF!

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Wow! Did you realize we have 1304 members?


Go us! I remember when this place was barely 200 people. Ah, the memories.


Suggestion Box Thread!

Got an idea or a complaint? Drop it here.
Or if it's too personal, send it to gudu.lj@gmail.com.

I <3 this place.

My suggestion: MORE NUDES!

Edit: Also, if there is a post you think needs to go into the memories, leave a link here.

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New colors!! Had quite a time washing the stuff out. (Thanks to Lish for the hair dye guide, came in handy!) The under carriage was more blonde before I washed the black out, and this is because the black tinted water washed over the blonde, and made it darker.

I must plan my washings better next time! I think I'll re-dye the blonde, I like the half and half look.

They are a year and 7 months old.

Enjoy dreadful peeps!! And have a great weekend.
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Dread joy:

is when cleaning out your room you find old shirts or sweaters you haven't worn/don't fit/stained and can make dreadbands or finding do-dads to put in them!

Felt the need to share. What small things about a day make your dreaded head happy to be nappy?
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I ordered a t-shirt from Cafe Press and I finally got it today! The printing is sort of cheaply done and the t-shirt is crazy thin! Matt (the stolen husband) said "Well, its a cool novelty item though." and I think that says it best!
Anyway, not too sure if any of you will appriciate this, but it speaks a certain truth around here and it just needed to be said...