July 14th, 2005


Just some dread pics

All right, it's been a very, very long time since I've posted any dread pics. I usually don't have any, because I'm the one that takes most of the pictures. So I finally swallowed my pride and took pictures of my hair myself. Please excuse the poor photography, these are taken blind with a remote, so they obviously aren't good quality. But at least some of them came out in focus, if washed out. Oh and please ignore the mess that is my room in the background.

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Yep, it's another post!

Angel_thane and I were just chatting in another thread about the possibility of a Dread head gathering in TO this summer - I think it would be great if everyone in the TO area, and those willing to travel, could get together and have some fun.

So, if anyone who's interested could just comment and say whether or not these ideas would be a possibility that would rock. The suggestion that's been tossed in the air is to meet in early August at the Trin-Belwoods park, and from there to shimmy on over to the Rainbow to catch a movie and then grab a drink C'est What. The last suggestion would be for those of age naturally. My only request for this adventure is that if possible, to avoid doing it in and around the 12th of August... I'm having all 4 wisdom teeth out, so I'll be out of commission around then. But how does the weekend of the 6th sound to anyone interested?

I'm heading home for a few days now, so don't be let down if I don't reply to your comments right away! Thanks kids, I really hope that we can put this together!

ps - I would be travelling to TO from London, so anyone who might want to come and is in between London and Toronto I could most likely pick you up! (Cloudyhead and Harmony, if you're reading this you can have first dibs on a seat in my car)

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all this festival talk reminds me, i've been meaning to ask -

is anyone going to the intonation music festival this weekend in chicago? (the decemberists, andrew bird, xiu xiu, les savy fav, etc.)

i'll be there all day sunday. so if anyone else is, let me know!! i want to meet new dreadheads. and i know we have our share of chicago-ans here.

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Ok, I hope this is suitable, and I hope I can get some help from this. :/

You may have all seen me around, posting comments here and there to all of your BEAAAAAAAAUTIFUL posts, but I've never actually made a post here. [Longtime Lurker. ^^;; ]

See, I don't actually have dreads yet, but I'm a -huge- dreadlock enthusiast; and ever growing within the last year or so.

The thing is, I haven't been able to have dreads yet, because I'm missing a large portion of hair on the back of my head due to stress. [Apparently it was alopecia.] So I've been struggling with it actually
growing back - which it is, but EXTREMELY slowly.

And I was wondering, because I remember a few posts having to do with some of you losing hair/dreads and having to cope with it... does anyone have any ideas of what I could do? Because I want dreads so very, very badly, I've just been worried that the whole world will see this gigantic bald spot with my dreadies, and that would be just terrible. :( Is there any way that I could hide it? Or some other form that wouldn't effect and pull the hair that is re-growing?

I hope this all made sense. :(

ps, you're all so beautiful and inspiring and i love you all so much!!!

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I have a suspicion there may be mold in my dreads-- they have a pretty musty smell. It started a little while ago when I got to Maui, you know, super humid climate and lots of time in the ocean and in the pool (not to mention much sweatier sex ;) without that much time for them to dry. Is there a cure for this? The memories are down so I can't check them.

(Probably none of you remember me, I've been a member of this community forever but haven't posted in a year and a half.)

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I'm new here so hello everybody!
i have a minor question,
anybody used KnottyBoy??
(wait! that's not it)
does anybody know if it would be okay if i got dreads one wk before i go to the ocean? should i just keep my dreads (mostly) out of water??

i am in such a good mood, despite being told i have to find another job if i get dreads. oh well, it can't be too hard, and besides, i didn't like that job anyway!

as soon as i get dreads, i'll try to post a pic, but it doesn't look to promising(my parents won't let me post plus my sister is the only one with a digital camera and she has promised to disown me if i get dreads)

Nakie time!!!

I have to say, I've really been enjoying all these scantily-clad photos. I figured I'd participate instead of just looking :D Maybe when I become a bit braver I will reveal all... so until then...

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now it's your turn :)
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I'm sorry I'm posting so much!

But... I really need extentions. I can't wait any longer, my life is changing now, and I need a memory to go along with it. Anyone know ANYTHING about extentions. When it comes to these.. I'm clueless. I just can't wait any longer, I need them now.

Thanks & Sorry agian.


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i want to ask something about a festival too

is anyone going to the reggae sundance festival in eindhoven, holland on the 13th and 14th august?

a lots of my favourite reggae artists are there like i-threes, tanya stephens, gladiators, warrior king, israel vibration, luciano, toots & maytals, burning spears and much more like Julian Marley or Sean Paul =)

i think the price for 2 days and for these artists is awesome. like 45 € O_o